Healing Morning Mojito

By Nisha Patel -



Mojitos and healing surely don’t belong in the same sentence together. But then again, for those who love the cocktail maybe it’s the epitome of healing, melting all their stresses and worries away and leaving them with a warm fuzzy feeling. But that’s not the type of healing I’m talking about.

This twist on the classic version is one that every person can and should enjoy, especially first thing in the morning. It has a myriad of healing properties. As you may have guessed this morning mojito has zero alcohol and is replaced by honey and ginger water. The two key ingredients: lime and mint are the delicious ingredients that link the two.

This tea is perfect for the cold winter months, but can be equally refreshing in the summer. Not only can it provide a lovely energising start to the day, but also essential vitamins to stave off scary lurgies that you’re more prone to catch in the autumn/winter season. Mojito tea is full of health benefits and is a great natural addition to your day. Each ingredient has great healing properties.


Mint has a fantastic antioxidant capacity. This means it’s great at preventing cell damage, which can lead to many diseases including heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Below are some of it health benefits.


Mint is a calming herb and has been used for thousands years to treat upset stomachs, indigestion and nausea. It can be drank in a tea as a natural cure for symptoms of IBS.

Colds and Flu’s 

Mint contains menthol which is a great decongestant for clearing up blocked nasal passages of cold and flu sufferers. As a result it can relieve associated headaches. Mint tea can relieve sore throats and is a healthier alternative to sugary throat pastilles, which only serve by promoting saliva flow to lubricate the throat. The lovely fresh mint aroma alone is effective at stimulating the salivary glands to do the exact same job.

Depression and fatigue

Mint is a great natural stimulant, which can help alleviate sluggishness, exhaustion, depression and anxiety. Personally, I find my mood is a lower in the winter months compared to the summer. For those who suffer from SAD (seasonal effective disorder), this may be the perfect pick me up. The smell alone is energising and a natural pick me up.


Everyone always talks about the health benefits of lemon water, but what about lime water. It has just as many health benefit as lemons as described below.

Women’s health

Lime contains a high concentration of calcium and folate, great for both post-menapausal women and women of child-bearing age.


Lime is high in Vitamin C, so great for the skin. Squeezing lime into water and drinking it, like in this mojito tea is the perfect tonic for great looking skin. The lime skin can also be used to deliver the healing zest and natural oils by applying it directly to the skin, keeping it shiny and clear.

Colds and Flu’s 

Lime is a fantastic source of vitamin C, hence great for staving off those dreaded colds and flu.


Ginger was regarded quite a miracle cure in my household whist growing up and has continued to that effect today. It can be used for treating cold/flu, nausea and sickness, inflammation and for improving circulation. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre there is evidence for the use of ginger in the above conditions. Simply by making a cup of delicious ginger tea, by adding fresh ginger to hot water, can be used by most people including pregnant women and children over 2. As these two groups of people can only use a very limited amount of medication, ginger is an excellent alternative.


Honey is a favourite in my household and a great alternative to sugar. We use it for so many things including baking, adding to porridge, plain yogurt and natural teas (like this one). Honey is a great addition in any season but especially for winter. The sweet taste of honey tea can be comforting in the cold winter months and is a healthier alternative to unhealthy comfort food. In addition to the comforting sweet taste, it possesses anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which can help keep away those seasonal bugs. Its anti-inflammatory activity is also great for sore throats.

Together these ingredients combine to make the most delicious vitalising tea. It’s full of goodness and allows you to indulge in a slice of paradise whilst you drink it. So sit back and enjoy, whilst thinking of all the health benefits as you sip on this healing mojito tea.



2 tbsp of freshly cut ginger

1/2 tbsp of honey

Handful of mint leaves

Juice of 1 lime

Hot water


1) Chop the ginger with skin removed into match sticks.

2) Remove the mint leaves from the stalks.

3) Add 1/2 tbsp of honey to a cup

4) Add hot water (allowing the kettle to stand for a couple of minutes after boiling) to the cup.

5) Stir in the honey water mixture.

6) Add lime juice and mix again.

7) Finish of by adding the ginger and mint leaves.




Nisha Patel is the co-founder of natural health star and is a Pharmacist with over 16 years of experience. Her main interest lies within natural preventative healthcare and her focus if often prevention rather than treatment. To read more about Nisha click here

We hope you love this tea recipe. This tea along with other herbal teas are a great way to show yourself a bit of self care and look after yourself. You can buy some delicious healing herbal teas on their own or as part of our natural health star self care box which contains other nourishing products great for your health, by visiting our natural health shop

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2 Comments on “Healing Morning Mojito”

  1. Hi Debra-Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Yes this is really tasty and I too love lime and mint. I drink this warm just because I prefer it that way. A good friend of mine, however, makes this up with warm water, bottles and drinks it cold as naturally flavoured water which is also a great idea. I believe she adds cucumber to it too, which must be really refreshing in the summer. I think adding warm water to it helps with the flavours, but not sure if it provides any additional benefits.

    Please let me know what you think if you try it out. BTW I really like your blog.

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