The Benefits of Meditation

By Nisha Patel -



I started to meditate almost four years ago, 10 months after my eldest daughter was born. Just like the serenely gorgeous Angie Kane in the video below explains, it was a question I’d pondered to myself time and time again……maybe I should meditate? I generally have quite a positive outlook on life, but sometimes it all gets a bit too much and I find it difficult to cope. This is exactly what happened after having my first daughter. Of course there are so many changes that come with having a new baby. It’s such a life changer and massive responsibility. For me my whole relationship dynamic with my partner changed and suddenly all the tiny hairline cracks in our relationship became massive canyons, and all the while I had a tiny little baby that depended on me. I’ve seen even the strongest of relationships start to show the strain.

Having posed the question “maybe I should meditate” to myself many times. It was finding the fantastic video below that pushed me to take action, so I attended a meditation class. It literally changed my life! Like Angie Kane explains in the video, meditation gave me mental space and clarity. With this came a great sense of peace and my relationships with my loved ones improved. Slowly, not only did I find life more manageable and easier to cope with, but I started to feel full of joy.

Now I wish I could say I meditated on a regular basis, but I can’t. I do know, however, that when I meditate first thing in the morning my day goes amazingly well. It’s not so much that things go perfectly, because with two young children that is never the case, but more that I find everything much easier. It’s almost as if the mental space and peace that I achieve during my 10 minute meditation, stays with me throughout my whole day. The things that I usually find stressful simply just don’t bother me.

Stress and Health

Stress and anxiety when left unchecked can be very damaging to the health. I’ve seen this time a time again in my 14 year career as a pharmacist-people who lead very healthy lifestyles, but have admitted to great stress, find themselves suffering from a myriad of health conditions including sleep issues, high blood pressure, IBS, headaches and compromised immune system. Stressful situations will always be present but meditation is a method of controlling and managing the stress originating from the mind, giving us clarity, peace and a sense of massive wellbeing.

The brilliant 10 minute video below does a fantastic job at explaining the benefits of meditation, especially when it comes to stress and health. Please, please, please watch this video all the way through to the end, as it also demonstrates a widely used, straight forward breathing meditation. Hence, you can get your free dose in by watching.

I love this video and hope you do too. Click here to see this video.



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