What is Sound Healing and How Can it Benefit You?

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Today’s post is an interview with a very special guest Laura Kilty. Laura is a sound healer, a brilliant artist, composer and singer who explains all about sound healing and her new album that you can hear by clicking on the play button below:

Laura is also a dedicated yogini, meditation practitioner, world traveler and a beautiful soul, that has connected with me this year and expanded both our yoga communities here in Berlin. Below she answers my questions about sound healing, her beautiful music and where she finds the inspiration for her creativeness.

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1. What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is an ancient and profound practice. It has been used by indigenous cultures around the world to cure emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual ailments to great effect.

I also think it is something inherent in all of us from the moment we arrive here on Earth. If you have ever heard a toddler sing themselves off to sleep, or heard the wall of sound when near a school yard on lunch-break or the wailing of a little kid when they fall and hurt themselves; all of those things are Sound Healing in action. There’s self-comforting, energy release, and emotional release happening in all those three scenarios.

We get into the strange habit of stopping ourselves from making these self-healing sounds as we get older. In a treatment, the client gets to make these sounds if they feel comfortable and it feels appropriate. And I feel that the sounds they don’t make but need to, come through my voice too.

I work with lots of different instruments, primarily my voice, tuning forks, crystal bowls, log-chimes, rain sticks, gongs and Tibetan bowls.

In a session, I set my intention to be open to allowing whatever sounds are best for the client in that moment to come through. These sounds work through the client on a vibrational level, bringing whatever ‘healing’ best suits their needs at that time.

For me, perhaps ‘Healing’ is a misnomer when talking about all the various energy healing methods and results. I think a lot of people hear the word healing and think about it in the western medicine way of “oh, I take this pill and then I am healed”. I don’t think this is the case with any method- western medicine included. A lot of the time with western medicine, it is the symptom rather than the cause, you no longer feel after taking that pill.

I think going to any energy healing is the start of you taking control of your own health. Taking responsibility for the various ways you have not listened to your body, mind and/or spirit and if you find a good practitioner, they can guide you in your journey to re-discovering parts of yourself you have hidden. But it is not the practitioner’s job to “heal”. If I met an ‘energy healer’ of any technique who stated they could heal me, I’d run a mile! I don’t believe any of us have anything to be healed as such and certainly not by someone else. We just need to remember how to be whole.

2. How can it benefit us?

A Sound Healing treatment can be immensely transformative. It has been the one method I find most potent for me in shifting negative energies/thoughts/patterns within and has really helped me on my life-journey.

I have been witness to so many amazing transformations and positive changes in the lives of those I have worked with. Sound Healings are not always gentle yet truly huge realisations and shifts have occurred for me, my friends and clients since beginning using sound with intention.

3. How has Sound Healing influenced your music?

To me, I have always used sound as a healing tool- even before I had the words to state that, through self-soothing and such as a child- so it has been immensely influential.

I first started training as a singer when I was 16 and so my voice is still the basis of all my tracks- whether I am writing contemporary classical pieces with choirs and strings, pure electronic music or the pop-electronica you will hear in the excerpts below, I don’t think I’ve ever written a track where my voice isn’t used somewhere either in its raw form or manipulated to form part of the electronics. And when I record, I meditate before the session, and then set my intention to allow all the emotions and vibrations of what I want to get across to come through my voice as I perform.

I see my music as an extension of the sound and energy healings I do because it is an extension of me and what I want to offer to the world. I view my singing voice as a gift that I came here to Earth with. And I believe we are all hear to acknowledge and share our gifts. I really feel doing this is my life purpose.

4. What was your favourite creative project?

Oooh, this is difficult- a favourite is hard to state!

I have worked with many really talented, giving, people in duos, choirs and groups over the years. I think doing a gig or a concert with other people who are really into music, who are not there to compete with egos, but are there to share an experience of our love of music together is always really inspiring and exciting. But I don’t want to single anyone out as there truly have been many…

Definitely my two years doing the Masters in Music and Media Technologies in TCD (Trinity College Dublin) was an exciting, inspiring, truly creative and thrilling two years- it culminated in me writing a piece for six choirs and electronics in 6.1 surround sound, which was performed at the end of the year. It was creatively exciting and logistically really difficult to pull off so I was, and still am, hugely proud of that achievement. I was totally burnt out and had a pretty significant crash that actually led me be back to the world of energy and Sound Healing at the end of that course, so I take that as a positive because it brought me be back to myself again! The learning experience I went through on the course and all the amazing creative people I got to work with, was definitely a hugely rewarding ‘project’ to be part of.

Of course the album I am currently working on is also an amazing experience! I am still in the beginnings of developing it but it is a project that truly brings together my Sound Healing and musical passions together. I feel like it will be the truest expression of me in music- I hope to share it with the world in the summer of 2016!!

5. What has influenced you in the creative process?

Watching and learning from those around me- teachers, students, friends who are in music, the composers, groups and singers I have always loved listening to like Arvo Part, Steve Reich, Nina Simone, Pearl Jam, Ella Fitzgerald, Tool, Aphex Twin…the list goes on but basically people who I can feel a real Truth being expressed in their music.

From nature and just life around me. I people-watch a lot. I also gain inspiration from watching interviews with actors and comedians I admire. If I have a block, I will sit down and watch a TED Talk or an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio or maybe a stand-up show. If I see something in someone that resonates as being similar to me or if I see someone has a strength I would like to improve in myself, I read about them and watch them. I find I am always ready to sit down and write after I have been inspired by watching someone else allow their creativity to flow through.

And as with anything, I am always open to the Universal Energy for guidance. I meditate and then ask for help with what I am meant to do next. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel there was more to this world than that which we can see and that which people seem open to talking about. I trust in that part of the world more than the one the media and collective consciousness talks about. That’s the world that I try to allow influence me most in every aspect of my being.

6. Who is the current album you are writing dedicated to?

This album is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt that there is more to this life than what we are taught collectively from a young age. For every person who has felt out of place and uncomfortable because of that. For every person who wants peace. For every person who understands masculine and feminine are equal, and maybe especially for those who don’t. For every person open to receiving love. For every person who wants to hear that they are enough, just as they are. Because you are. We all are. This album will be dedicated, in all earnestness, to all of humanity in all our gloriously messy ways! We each have great power and united we can be a force for great and loving change, I want this album to be one of my contributions to that end.

I really hope you enjoy Laura’s insight into sound healing, the creative process and her wonderful music that will be soon released on the brand new album! If you would like to connect with her for sound healing sessions, please see Laura’s website http://resoundingpower.com/



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