Rose water’s wonderful benefits

By Alessandra De Gregorio - Skin care -

Rose water's wonderful benefits

The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was known to bathe and wash her face in rose water, utilising its beautiful benefits. Rose water has been treasured for its healing and beautifying properties for at least three thousand years, growing popular both in Europe and Asia.

The roses used to make rose water are mostly from the south of France, Bulgaria, Turkey and Iran. They are picked early in the day and their petals sorted. There are various production methods to make rose water but the method that results in the rose benefits being preserved the most, is the one that involves petal distillation.

Uses of Rose water

Rosa Damascena water has been known to help with the following;

  • Digestive problems
  • Liver issues
  • Insect bites
  • Skin issues
  • Respiratory system issues
  • Headaches

Rose water uses for skin and hair:

  • As a skin cleanser if mixed with oil.
  • As refreshing skin toner after cleansing.
  • Adds a subtle fragrance to hair when used as the last rinse after washing hair.
  • When added to the bath for cleansing the skin, it can also create an uplifting ambience

Digestion Benefits

  • If added to your tea, food-grade rose water adds a great taste and is thought to aid digestion.

Room and linen Spray Uses

  • Try spraying a solution of diluted rose water on linens before bedtime to lift the spirits.





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