Why Choose Natural Skincare?

By Louisa Pini - Holistic & Clinical Aromatherapist -

natural skincare

With so many cosmetics and skincare ranges to choose from why choose natural skincare? To answer this question let me explain why I chose to develop my own Just Be Natural skincare range in the first place….

As a qualified aromatherapist I had many requests from clients asking me to make them a blend for specific conditions like eczema or to help heal bruising and at the time I would always offer oil blends. I wanted to learn how to make balms and creams because although oils are fantastic sometimes a balm or a cream is preferred. So in September 2006 I trained in how to make natural and organic cosmetics thinking I would just do this for friends and family and my clients. Looking back I was very naive when it came to cosmetics.

On the course I learned how the cosmetics industry, worth billions, would use cheap ingredients like paraffinum liquidum or sodium laureth sulfate, never mind all the other potentially harmful chemicals that don’t need to be listed if you use the word ‘parfum’ in there too! It was all a lot of hype, clever branding with the sole aim being to make money and certainly not to improve your skin health & wellbeing. Just Be Natural never use cheap ‘filler’ ingredients – every ingredient is there for a specific reason.

I was shocked to hear how some brands would deceive customers through the product name, for example, you would think ‘Vitamin E Cream’ would have effective levels of vitamin E present but on closer inspection it may in fact have such a low level of vitamin E present it would not have an effect on your skin!
This discovery lead to one of the core ethics of Just Be Natural – I am passionate about using effective levels and active ingredients!

During this course I was overwhelmed by the vast number of natural ingredients available, wonderful oils and butters that are extremely skin nourishing and effective at creating positive changes to your skin and well-being.

Your skin is like your second mouth. A percentage of what you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream so this is BAD if you are lathering harmful chemical laden cosmetics all over you but this is GOOD if you want to aid your body’s nourishment through your skin with plant based skincare.

As you can imagine by the end of the cosmetics training I felt extremely naive and also very angry at the deceit of so many cosmetics companies and following the course very soon decided that the only way I would be confident in the creams and cosmetics that I was using was if I sourced the ingredients and made them myself!

It doesn’t have to be synthetic to be effective . There are many powerful natural ingredients available and often natural ingredients are absorbed more quickly by our skin, although I must add that there are some very useful synthetic ingredients like urea, something that does occur naturally in our bodies and is excellent at treating extremely dry skin.

I hope this blog may help you in deciding what to use on your skin and if you are a visual person please take a look at my first ever video where you can hear about the Just Be Natural range in less than a minute 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hojxRXEaW0

You can find Louisa’s wonderful Just Be Natural range of skincare products, aromatherapy oils and organic room sprays in the natural health star health shop

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