Pesto Pasta- A Mother’s Best Friend

By Nisha Patel -

pesto pasta a mothers best friend-natural health star

Where would I be without pesto? At least once a week, I’m faced with a situation of searching my scarily empty cupboards. There, staring back at me is my saviour jar of organic Sacla Italia pesto smugly knowing it’s about to save the day. Or better still, to save me from the impending tantrum of my two hungry little girls who’d happily wolf down pesto pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I only wish it was that easy. I guiltily feed the girls this once, twice or maybe possibly thrice weekly. Guiltily, because I know that fresh pesto is relatively easy to make and although, I buy the organic jarred pesto, I know it’s still not as healthy as homemade stuff.

The added benefit of homemade pesto is that you can also add lots of green vegetable to it and cunningly feed them to your unsuspecting children. I’ve made homemade pesto a few times, but this time, I decided to do something different with the help of my lovely neighbours.

Giant courgettes on my doorstep

I have come home a few times to be greeted by giant courgettes on my doorstep. This may sound dodgy, but believe me it’s even dodgier seeing them unsuspectingly sat on your doorstep. If you’ve never seen courgettes of mammoth proportions, let me tell you it’s quite a scary sight. Not only did it leave me wondering how the hell they got there, but also how I’d attempt to cut them, let alone eat them. When I did eventually get over the initial shock, after scanning the road with the hope of spotting the prankster responsible for goading possibly the only part-time vegetarian on the street. I came to my senses with the realisation that it must have been my neighbours who had kindly left my enormous surprise. No, they are not giant courgette knock down ginger, pranksters. They are a lovely couple who have an allotment and regularly drops round yummy goodies namely giant courgettes (that have lost the plot when it comes to size). This instant it wasn’t a giant courgettes but a big bag of  boringly-average sized broad beans which they personally dropped round, saving me the surprise. Armed with my big bag of broad beans I decided to treat my family to home made broad bean pesto.



Deliciously fresh allotment broad beans

The raw broad beans tasted really fresh and fabulous. Much nicer than the shop bought ones. Well I guess you can’t get any more organic than local allotment broad beans. Making the pesto was so easy. I decided to make a massive batch, so I could store extra in the freezer. The whole family loved it. I took along my much loved pesto pasta to a picnic with friends, who were also impressed.

Next time I’m greeted by a massive courgette at the door, instead of panicking, I’ll positively beam at the idea of making courgette pesto……better stock up on containers.

Recipe for broad bean pesto

Serves 12


150g Basil

3 Garlic cloves

90g Pine nuts

90g Broad beans

90g Parmesan grated

1 Lemon

250ml Olive oil


Preperation time-40 minutes

1) Peel and remove broad beans. Boil them in water for around 5 mins. Once they have cooled, remove from their coats.


2) Toast the pine nuts.


2) Place toasted pine nuts and broad beans in a blender with basil leaves, lemon juice, peeled garlic, grated parmesan and good quality olive oil.



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