Summer Strawberries and Almond Cream

By Nisha Patel -

A few images come to mind when dreaming of a gloriously sunny British summer. Tennis at Wimbledon. Cricket matches on greens. Picnics with loved ones. Visiting beautiful National Trust sites and the stunning rolling English countryside. In terms of food, strawberries and cream is the ultimate quintessential British summer time treat.

The inspiration for this twist on a British classic came from the fantastic naturopathic nutritionist Judith Reid’s brilliant post on home-made almond milk and of course the wonderful tennis at Wimbledon.

I absolutely love almonds and along with cashews, dried apricots, medjool dates, fresh fruit and carrot sticks, these form the main source of snacks in our household. Instead of feeding my children nutrient deficient tummy filling rice crackers and so called “healthy organic snacks”, I’d much rather give them nutrient dense whole food snacks which satisfies their hunger and sustains them until their main meal at lunch and tea-time. So swapping cream with almond cream seemed a great idea as almonds along with strawberries are definitely not ingredients that are ever lacking in my house.

Having never made almond milk before, I wrongly thought it’d be too complicated and time consuming. I was surprised to learn this healthy alternative to dairy is not only simple and easy to make, but also absolutely delicious.

This is a great gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan treat for the whole family to enjoy, and only requires two whole food ingredients. Almonds and strawberries.

Summer strawberries and Almond Cream


Ingredients (serves 4) 

Half a cup of organic almonds

A tub of organic strawberries

Optional sprinkle of mixed organic seeds (pumpkin, flaxseed, sunflower, sesame seeds)

To make the almond milk you’ll need a net mesh strainer (it was jelly strainer but can be used for this too). I bought mine from Lakeland for about £5.


1) Soak the almonds overnight (at least 6 hours)

2) Add almonds to a blender with half a cup of water (equal amounts of water and almonds)

3) Using a net mesh strainer to strain the almonds and collect the milk

4) Heat a small amount of milk over low heat and very slowly stir to thicken. Keep stirring ensuring it doesn’t boil. Before it boils and when it is a good consistency take off the heat and allow to cool. If it becomes to thick add a small amount of reserved almond milk

5) Add the almond milk to a bowl of washed strawberries.

6) As an optional extra you can top with mixed seeds to add a bit of texture and extra goodness.

Enjoy in the sunshine (or rain)!!!

Strawberries and almond cream with mixed seeds.


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