Tuna Tortilla with Kombu Seaweed and Pesto

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This is a really easy recipe and makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner perfect for any time of the year. The Kombu seaweed adds an extra special taste and ... Read More

Two Types of Happiness: Joy and Pleasure

By Dr Tom Das -

Imagine strolling barefoot along a sandy tropical beach watching the sunset. Can you imagine what it feels like? Now imagine winning the lottery, and what that feels like. These two scenarios, … Read More

Introducing Our Natural Health Star Box

By Preet Gata-Aura - Natural Health Star Co-Founder -

Here at natural health star we’re very excited to have just launched our new health boxes.  The Natural Health Star Box contains a collection of 6 of our favourite (and … Read More

Irritating Cough? Thyme For Tea

By Nisha Patel -

‘Tis the season to be cold and phlegmy and if you’re suffering there is nothing more irritating than a cough. Two herbs that my whole family have really been enjoying … Read More

Acupuncture and Healthy Winter Hygge

By Alex Lochhead - Five Element Acupuncturist -

Have you heard of Hygge?  Pronounced Hoo-ga, it is a feeling that starts to become more prominent for me from October.  We probably all get it, though few of us … Read More

Managing Uncertainty in an Uncertain World

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

How do you manage uncertainty? How do you react to change? How comfortable are you when you have no idea what’s happening next? If you feel uncomfortable when there’s major … Read More