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The Cornish Seaweed Bath Company was started by Richard and Hannah. Richard is an acupuncturist and Hannah is a jewellery maker. Through their combined passion for health, well-being and design they created the beautifully packaged, sea-inspired design, Cornish Seaweed Bath Company. Here their health packed seaweed bath products are at the heart of what they do. Their luxurious seaweed products not only give you a home ‘spa’ feel but also are widely known for their skin benefits.

The seaweed used in Cornish Seaweed Bath Company is from the sparkly Atlantic Ocean at the beautiful coast of Cornwall. It is an olive-brown seaweed called Fucus Serratus which has been used for centuries as a part of seaweed baths. The therapeutic silky oil produced from it is widely known for its beneficial effect on the skin, hair and overall health. Seaweed is also widely known for its antioxidant capabilities giving it a great anti-aging action, particularly as a skin care product. 

Other seaweed bath health benefits include muscle toning and skin cleansing; weight loss due to improved metabolism; improved cardiovascular functioning; boosting of the immune system; improving sleep quality; and relief of the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pain and stress.

It has been known to contain trace elements; and compounds like magnesium, potassium and calcium sulphates; and also sodium. These diffuse into the water and get absorbed through the skin during the process of seaweed bathing, hence bringing their benefits. 

Cornish Seaweed Bath Company’s seaweed is sustainably hand-harvested from the beautiful far west coast of Cornwall bringing you a luxurious, health packed seaweed giving your very own bathroom a rejuvenating ‘spa’ feel.


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