Optibac is a family-run company based in beautiful Hampshire. It is run by Jilal and it was his father who founded the company under the company named Wren laboratories. His father successfully dedicated 35 years, of bringing valued healthcare to the community, by working as a pharmacist. With years dedicated experience and a passion for health and well-being, he decided to put a stronger focus on natural health. Having used probiotics for his family and being completely overwhelmed by their health benefits, he decided to research this area more.

Through the passion and dedication of the whole family, Optibac came to fruition and now is a proud family business. Optibac has partnered with some of the world’s leading probiotic authorities and has developed an expert range of 11 different high quality probiotic supplements.

Optibac’s expertise takes specific species and strains and uses them to target various health conditions. This is done bearing in mind certain research showing how different probiotics have differing modes of action within the body. As well as everyday Optibac probiotics there are also ones specifically for children, for immunity, for women, for people who are travelling and even for those with cholesterol.