nasaleze products

Nasaleze was created by Mike James, an engineer from the Isle of Man, for his son who suffered from chronic sneezing attacks. After trial and error Mike formulated a completely organic powdered plant extract which created a gel when it came into contact with moisture. It was observed that the gel was very similar to mucus and, when he used it on his son, his sneezing stopped immediately.

After various successful clinical trials Nasaleze was born. Nasaleze products are fast acting, all natural powder sprays, which are clinically proven to provide protection from hayfever, allergy symptoms and airborne germs and viruses. Nasaleze products are antihistamine and steroid-free and have no known side effects. They focus on prevention rather than treatment.

Nasaleze is safe for every one over the age of 36 months (under supervision), pregnant or breastfeeding women and for those on medication.

Nasaleze can be used three times a day, or as often as required, to provide natural all day relief by delivering a fine mist of natural cellulose powder directly to the nasal lining. This forms a natural barrier and provides relief from symptoms as soon as they appear; or is a preventative measure for when airborne germs and allergens are likely to be present.