HayMax was created by Max Wiseberg who suffered from hay fever all his life. Having unsuccessfully tried many available hay fever remedies, he embarked on using what has now become HayMax. It was incredibly simple but, best of all, it worked!

HayMax works on the simple premise that it prevents pollen from entering the nasal passages by creating a barrier. Pollen is responsible for the symptoms of hay fever, such as sneezing, itchy throat and itchy and watery eyes. By lining the nasal passages with a HayMax barrier balm the pollen is prevented from entering the nasal passage and hence causing the allergic response of hay fever.

HayMax is approved by the vegetarian society and was voted the best organic product by the Health Food Institute’s panel of judges.

HayMax may help to reduce the incidence of allergens entering the body which can lead to hay fever, dust and pet allergies. HayMax does not contain antihistamines or steroids and therefore has no side effects.

Disclaimer – HayMax does not claim to cure, relieve or help hay fever, dust or pet allergies. It is not a medicine or drug. It is a preventative nasal balm made from natural substances. It does not modify or correct physiological functions in human beings.