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Coconut Merchant bring a delicious range of wonderful coconut products which will tantalise your tastebuds and leave your body feeling fabulous. Coconut Merchant’s range include a delicious jam (made entirely of coconuts), snacks, flour and of course the very versatile coconut oil to name but a few.

Coconut Merchant values are at the centre of everything they do. They ensure fantastic quality and high standards in all of their products. All of their delicious coconut products are made from premium quality coconuts, most of which are sourced from Sri Lanka. They are all free of preservatives and artificial flavours and only the most tender and tastiest coconuts are used.

Coconut Merchant work directly with farmers’ cooperatives to ensure their coconuts are ethically sourced. Their ethos ensures they work directly with coconut farmers who are fairly paid and respected for their produce.

This coconut range is ideal for anyone seeking healthy and delicious cooking alternatives for themselves and their family. The whole range is suitable for vegans and is dairy-free and gluten-free.

We are currently offering FREE DELIVERY for orders of coconut products over £20