Brontie & Co. is a small independent company based in West Sussex, England. It was created by Brontie Ansell who hand-makes and specialises in fresh, healthy and organic chocolate that is produced ethically and with the best possible ingredients. Brontie & Co chocolate is super healthy, vegan and suitable for diabetics. The chocolate is free from any nasty stuff that your body doesn’t need and contains no dairy, gluten or refined sugar. A very small amount of carob suspension is used to sweeten and this gives it a super smooth taste.

Brontie & Co make small batches of organic, single origin Ecuadorian chocolate using the finest quality un-roasted beans and butter. The company really believe in the power of small business and ethical sourcing; by choosing Brontie & Co chocolate you are directly helping small farms in Ecuador who are desperately trying to make a sustainable, ethical living without resorting to child labour and corruption. All the ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers that can be found with full traceability of all ingredients to ensure they have been responsibly and ethically grown. All suppliers are are well inspected and fully certified.