What is a Chakra? Getting To The Root of The Matter

By Ellie Wharton - Founder of Positivitea -

I am often asked the same three questions:

  • What exactly is a chakra?
  • Why do we need to balance the chakras?
  • How can teas help to balance the chakras?

So let’s get right to the root of the matter (pardon the pun) and expand a little on a subject that can seem clouded in esoteric mystery.

What exactly is a chakra?

You’d have to have been hiding your head in the sand not to notice the chakras recent spotlight in popular culture. Chakra-inspired trinkets, adorned by celebrities everywhere on social media and the glossy magazines alike, are being snapped up by followers in their millions. However, while it’s no bad thing they are making their way into the mainstream, the chakras are not a fashion fad, nor are they the sole property of tie-dye wearing hippies or meditating monks. Happily, they belong to us all. And, even better, we can access their power whenever we choose.

Put simply, the chakras are the energy centres of the body and have been used for centuries in Indian philosophy as spiritual guidelines for health and wellbeing.

The world ‘chakra’ in Sanskrit (the ancient Hindi language) means wheel and so it can sometimes help to visualise them as spinning vortexes of light, each a different colour of the rainbow aligned along the spine from the root to the crown.


In order, the 7 chakras of the body are:

  1. the root (muladhara)
  2. sacral (swadisthana)
  3. solar plexus (manipura)
  4. heart (anahata)
  5. throat (vishuddhu)
  6. third eye (ajna)
  7. crown (sahasrara)

The heart chakra acts as the ceiling of the lower three more bodily chakras and as the floor to the upper three more cerebral chakras (in the East it is said they tend to live more in the lower chakras and in the West we are thought to inhabit the upper chakras more).

Anodea Judith, aka the Queen of Chakras, likes to describe them as ‘a bridge between polarities, heaven & earth, matter & consciousness, mind & body.’

Using the latter description, we can explain in layman’s terms their ultimate function: to help create harmony between the mind and the body so that we can achieve a spiritual connection with ourselves and, by extension, others. Without inner harmony, human beings can feel very out of sync with themselves and the world, which brings us to the second question.

Why do I need to balance the chakras?

An imbalance in your chakras can manifest in outward symptoms such as addictions, behavioural problems and even disease. For instance, if you feel sluggish, despondent and tired all the time for no reason, even if you get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night and eat and exercise well, it’s likely that you have a root chakra imbalance.

The root chakra is all about purpose, direction, primeval instincts (food, sex, shelter) and is associated with our blood and bones. It is the building block for all other chakras and therefore, arguably the most important.


Perhaps it’s a case of you not being motivated at work and this disinterest can manifest in you feeling tired of life in general. Humans need purpose not just to survive, but to thrive. So how can you restore balance to your root chakra? In this example you could start by creating a vision board of your ideal job; something that will inspire and motivate you to make a change in the world. By the simple act of creating this board you will show the universe you believe it to exist and the universe will respond in kind.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coehlo

Change your mindset and watch how quickly you’ll become re-energised and motivated. Soon your body will catch up with your mind and you can say bye bye to that constant sluggishness and feeling of tiredness. Instead, you’ll be infused with a new contagious energy and enthusiasm for life!

Again this is a simple example but one that demonstrates how outer circumstances can change if you work on your inner world.

Root Chakra Table

How can a tea help balance a chakra?

To access our chakras, all we need to do is go inside. Easier said than done perhaps, which is one of the reasons why I created Positivitea. Our unique blends of tea can help you to get in touch with your inner guru and begin your healing from the inside out. I’m not saying teas can be a cure, however the healing power of herbs is a truth that is universally acknowledged.

Our root chakra blend is called THRIVE and contains Hibiscus, Strawberry & Cinnamon With Ashwagandha. Hibiscus is well known to lower blood pressure and cinnamon can promote healthy blood circulation. Ashwagandha is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to strengthen the organs associated with the root chakra.


By drinking this tea you will feel more in touch with your root chakra, particularly after a grounding yoga practice or a walk in nature. It can help you achieve that sense of inner harmony that will allow you not just to survive but to thrive!

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