10 Yoga Poses for Winter Fatigue

By Assia Stepien - Yoga -

For those who don’t know the yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, it’s important to let you know that he was the founder of the style of yoga known as Iyengar Yoga. He was also considered one of the most significant yoga teachers in the world. Iyengar, a master that taught mostly in Pune, India, was an extraordinary teacher. He popularised yoga, first in India and then around the world. He died peacefully on the 20th August 2014 in Pune, India, aged 95. Iyengar’s yoga style can be described as correct alignment and attention to detail. It will always be the base for studying yoga all around the world.

For today, I have prepared for you 10 yoga poses that Mr. Iyengar put together and I’ve called it Sequence Yoga for Fatigue and Low Energy Days. It would be best if these poses were performed outdoors sucking the last rays of sunshine, if possible before the long, cold winter comes.

Whenever you feel like there is not much energy inside you and you feel sleepy and dizzy, try those 10 poses, hold them for 20 breaths each, and according to Mr Iyengar, you will feel rejuvenated and restored in spite of the dark skies and short days!

Uttanasana (the forward bend)

  1. You can bend your knees if your hands don’t touch the ground.
  2. The most important detail is to keep your belly on your thighs.
  3. Stay in this pose for 20 breaths

Assia doing Uttanasana-natural health star


Adho-Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog)

  1. In this pose you can also bend your legs and rest your belly on your thighs and stretch your arms
  2. Keep all 10 fingers nicely spread on the mat for a strong forward base.
  3. Stay in this pose for 20 breaths

Assia doing adho mukha svanasana natural health star

Salamba Shirshasana (headstand)

  1. This may be a little tough to do if you’re not familiar with yoga. But if you are give it a go.
  2. Play with your yoga, it is a vital part of the practice to keep it playful and alive!
  3. Stay in this pose for 20 breaths.
  4. If you can’t do above pose try below pose.

Assia doing Salamba shirshasana natural health star

Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

  1. Lay down on your back and then lift your legs up behind your head, as much as you can, then place your palms on your back and lift your legs up.
  2. Don’t worry just yet if the legs aren’t pointing to the sky, it can take few tries before they do.
  3. Remember, you are trying your best for today.
  4. Stay in this pose for 20 breaths.

Assia doing 4 salamba sarvangasana natural health star

After 20 bretahs in the shoulderstand just slowly place your legs behind your head and stay there for another 20 breaths

Urdhva mukhs pascimottanasana

  1. Slowly place your legs behind your head.
  2. Place your hands on your feet and pull them down, squeezing the torso with the weight of your legs
  3. Breathing deeply and therefore massaging your belly organs.
  4. They will thank you for it!
  5. Stay in this pose for 20 breaths.

Assia doing urdhva mukha pascimottanasana natural health star


  1. Roll forward, slowly, place your legs on the mat and bend forward.
  2. You can also bend your legs and keep the belly close to the thighs
  3. Stay in this pose for 20 breaths.

Assia doing pascimottanasana natural health star

Ardha Mastyendrasana

  1. Bend the right leg and place the other one over it and twist to the left.
  2. Stay 20 breaths.
  3. Change the legs over and again stay for 20 breaths.

Assia doing ardha matsyendrasana natural health star


  1. Place your feet on the mat, open the kness and bend forward, the heels might go off the ground, but do not worry about it, with time and practice they will stay on it.
  2.  Stay 20 breaths and relax the head forward.

Assia doing malasana natural health star


  1. Place both knees together and twist to one side
  2. Keep the knees in a stright line and close together for 20 breaths.
  3. Change the twist for another 20 breaths.

Assia doing pashasana-natural health star


After all the effort you just made, you deserve a long and peaceful rest, lying on your mat, closing your eyes and just slowly feel each part of the body as if you had a built-in scanner that scans your body from head to toe. Just notice each little body part and how it feels after this mini yoga outdoor adventure with Mr Iyengar yoga!

10 savasana

Thanks for trying!




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