10 Minute Office Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain

By Christine Jaureguiberry - Yoga -

Are you sitting at your desk hunched over your computer reading this? Or slouching on the couch with your tablet or mobile phone? Or maybe standing in a packed train or bus commuting to work looking down on your phone? Are you always crossing your legs the same way and carrying your bag over the same shoulder?

Most of us are very familiar with these types of situations and know that probably about 80% of our time we are not paying attention to our bad posture!! …But we can all feel it in the evenings when the neck and shoulders are really sore and we are waiting for our partners to finally agreeing to giving us a lovely massage after we have been pestering them for half an hour!

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So what can we do about the tightness in the neck and shoulders? There are lots of lovely treatments and massages you can try of course. Essential oils can work wonders! Osteopathy and Acupuncture (check out some of the articles on here!) can work really well but rather than accumulating stress and tension throughout the day, weeks and years is there not a way of avoiding it?

Unfortunately life usually gets in the way so we forget to sit up straight at our desk or at home, lift the head and pushing the chin slightly back rather than forward…. We lift heavy stuff without paying attention to our posture… we do things always with the same hand or arm.

I have struggled with my posture all my life and still do even though I am now a yoga teacher and correcting posture is part of my job! I absolutely know how hard it is so I have put together these simple neck and shoulder stretches can be done anywhere! You can either do them sitting on the floor or on a chair at home or at work.

The video is about 10 minutes long and easy to follow so you can get started right away!


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