Letting Go Of The Past With Thai Massage

By Hannah Moss - Thai Yoga Massage -

Following on from my last post explaining all about Thai massage and the many benefits it has to offer, I’d like to share a wonderful element of this form of massage that I only recently discovered myself.


Thai massage is a combination of bodywork and energy work. As well as manipulating the muscles and joints to release tension and encourage relaxation, we also work on the energy lines of the body. In Thai medicine these are known as the Sen sib or ten channels, and are similar to the Chinese meridians. The use of acupressure along these lines encourages the body’s energy to flow more freely. This energy, or life force, is known as Lom Pran, similar to Chinese Chi or yogic Prana.

Releasing blockages

An obstruction in the flow of energy can cause discomfort or illness, so the energy channels need regular maintenance to avoid stagnation. By working along the full length of each energy line, any physical or emotional blockages are released and stagnant energy is shifted, bringing the body back into balance. As a result, the client feels whole, rejuvenated and ‘like themselves’ again.

Until recently, the main advice I would give to a client just before a treatment would be to relax, breathe, let me move them and tell me if the pressure feels ok. However, I was recently reminded of a conversation with a friend and fellow masseuse whilst working at a yoga retreat centre in Italy earlier this year. The conversation was about encouraging our clients to let go during their massage.

Letting it all go

So now, at the beginning of every treatment, I invite my client to think about anything they’d like to let go of. Anything that’s no longer serving them in their life and that they’d like to say goodbye to. This could be unwanted habits, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns or behaviour they’d like to change – from the present or the past. Whilst I’m working on removing physical and emotional blockages from their body, it can be wonderfully harmonising for them to think about releasing mental or psychological blockages from their mind.

I’ve been surprised at the reactions I’ve had to this invitation, which seems to resonate strongly with most of my clients. Most people seem to have at least one or two things in their life they’d like to get rid of, if not a whole array! Several clients have remarked how beneficial they find this technique. After all, receiving a massage is for you. It’s your time to relax, to have quality me-time and to focus completely on yourself for a change.

New year, new you

Inviting my clients to let go during a treatment feels particularly apt at this time, as the coming of a new year is such a wonderful opportunity for reflection. As we pass from one year into the next we can take time to consider what we’d like to let go of from the previous year and what we’d like to welcome in for the year ahead.

Wishing you all a reflective, relaxing and optimistic year ahead.


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