Star Picks for Hay Fever

By Preet Gata-Aura - Natural Health Star Co-Founder -

Beautiful Summer time is here and while most of us are enjoying better weather and the wonderful outdoors, for others this season can bring about some really uncomfortable and irritable symptoms of allergies like hay fever.

Here are our top picks, all available from our natural health shop to help both you and your little ones with symptoms of allergies.

1. Nasaleze have a range of gentle cellulose powder nasal sprays for adults and children which turn to gel once sprayed into the nose. This creates a barrier that blocks airborne allergens from coming into contact with the sensitive nasal membrane. The body therefore doesn’t need to release histamine and the symptoms of the allergy are minimised. Click here to read more.

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2. Haymax have a range of soothing, natural and organic beeswax balms that are applied the tips of the nostrils. The airborne allergens actually stick to the balm and prevent them from entering the nostrils. Available in pure and with aloe vera, frankincense or lavender essential oils.

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3. Probiotics – The Vanderbilt University School of Medicine have found evidence that probiotics can decrease the severity of hay fever symptoms. Scientists think that by restoring, or increasing, the diversity of bacteria in the gut it can have a positive effect on the immune system and lessen the impact of allergies. Optibac have a range of probiotics for adults, children and babies containing ‘good gut bacteria’ that are proven to stay alive until they reach the gut. Click here to read more.optibac-probiotics-full-range-EU

4. Nettle Leaf Tea – Stinging Nettles are thought to be able to reduce the amount of histamine in the body caused by allergies and according to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, preliminary studies they carried out have shown that ingesting stinging nettle helped to reduce sneezing and itching in people suffering with hay fever. What better way to have nettle as a tea!
For more information about any of these products, click here to browse the natural health shop.

Preet Gata-Aura is the co-founder of natural health star. She is a mum to 3 young boys and is passionate about health and wellbeing. She has a Biochemistry degree and has a particular interest in understanding how the ingredients we consume and use affect us.

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