How To Stop Sickness Ruining Your Holiday

By Nisha Patel - Pharmacist and Co-Founder -

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You know the way it goes. You’re looking forward to your holidays. Taking time out just to chill out from your busy life. Everything has been go go go, especially just before the run up to your holidays. The busyness has peaked with all the planning, preparation and packing as well as all the normal stuff.

You’re ready, you can’t wait. You can taste the tranquility that is around the corner. But what happens….you get there and of course you get sick. Sound familiar?

But don’t worry. Help is at hand. You can protect yourself against tummy upsets and boost your immunity with probiotics.

In the pharmacy, I see many patients who buy holiday essentials like suncream, anti-diarrhoea tablets, rehydration salts, insect repellent and bite cream, but I’d also recommend a good quality probiotic. Probiotics work by providing your body with a host of good bacteria, which are thought to help the body by fighting off infections e.g stomach bugs and boost general immunity.

Here is what Naturopathic nutritionist Judith Reid recommends in here fantastic post natural first aid kit for holiday health which you can read here.

“I recommend:

  •  Saccharomyces boulardii – this helps prevent the bonding of certain pathogens to the walls of our intestines. It’s very effective against E-coli. Take 1 capsule (250mg) daily. Note that this does not colonise the intestines.

  • A good quality pre/probiotic with high levels of live bacteria. These WILL take up residence in your guts and help boost your immune system as well as help to keep nasties at bay”

At natural health star we’ve researched probiotics and we love the pharmacist developed range of probiotics by Optibac.

Optibac for travelling abroad is particularly ideal for holiday health.


Optibac probiotics For travelling abroad is a natural supplement ideal for your travels. When eating and drinking unfamiliar foods in foreign environments it pays to maintain a healthy coating of friendly bacteria in the intestines to support natural immunity and digestive health. OptiBac Probiotics For travelling abroad gives travellers the increased confidence to enjoy their trips abroad anxiety-free.

  • It contains 4 well researched strains of microorganisms including Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 and Saccharomyces boulardii.
  • Tested to ensure survival through the stomach acids and bile salts to reach the intestines alive, which have been shown to survive at higher temperatures.
  • Proven formulation of unique probiotic strains designed to support the traveller’s digestive health and immunity while abroad.
  • Like the rest of the range, this product does not require refrigeration.
  • For adults and children (1 year & over).
  • Each capsule provides 5 billion live cultures and is also free from sugars and artificial colourings which may be found in other foods or drinks containing live cultures.


 For adults and children (1 year & over) with the following recommendations:

– Take 1 capsule daily with food, preferably with breakfast.

– Preferably starting 3-5 days before departure, continuing during travel abroad and for a few days upon return; or as professionally directed.

NB: For anyone unable to swallow capsules, the contents can be mixed with a cold meal or cold beverage.

We want to ensure you have a fantastic healthy holiday, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible. We’re currently offering Optibac probiotics for travelling abroad for only £7.65 for a 20 day supply (normally £10.20) and £17.50 for a 60 day supply (normally £24.99)

Nisha Patel is the co-founder of natural health star and is a Pharmacist with over 16 years of experience. Her main interest lies within natural preventative healthcare and her focus if often prevention rather than treatment.

To read more about Nisha click here.

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