Feeling Bunged Up? 3 Simple Solutions for Constipation

By Prabha Shiyani - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach -

I know people generally don’t like talking about things like their bowel movements but we really need to get comfortable discussing it especially if there is discomfort in that region.

Now, this is a common conversation for me since becoming a health coach because making sure our waste disposal systems are working properly is critical to our health. So frequency of bowel movements is a standard question I ask my clients.

The bowel is one of the ways our bodies get rid of toxins and you really don’t want to be hanging on to that stuff.


So if you suffer from being bunged up here are three simple tips that could help you get some relief:


Moving your body every day is key to daily bowel movements. What is the best kind of exercise to do? The one you will get done on a daily basis! You don’t have to do a ‘killer’ workout every day for it to be considered exercise, just get up and MOVE. Getting 20 to 30 minutes of continuous movement will help move your bowels. Exercise is even more important during long periods of sitting, such as long commutes, sedentary desk jobs, and screen time. Book it into your daily schedule and your daily bowel movement will follow closely behind!


Changing your diet to incorporate 50% to 75% fresh fruits and veggies will radically change your daily elimination habits, as they add fibre to your diet. When planning meals, plan your veggies and fruits first, and then add the carbs and protein. For instance, at lunch, fill your plate with a beautiful, BIG salad as the “mattress” for the rest of your meal. Be adventurous with your fruit and veg to make sure you are getting a variety of nutrients rather than just eating the same old ones week in week out. And, of course, organic is best if it is an option.


A vast majority of us are chronically dehydrated and the problem is much more prevalent than most of us realise. Water is needed to help the food we eat to pass through the digestive system. In the intestine alone, one gallon of fluids is absorbed daily to help with digestion. In the colon alone, 5 to 10 pounds of fecal matter can be stored because of dehydration caused by lack of water.

These are pretty simple fixes that you can start incorporating straight away. Follow them daily and your body will be a well-oiled machine in no time! Oh and speaking of oil, one more tip: eating 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil right off the spoon will lubricate your system like a well-tuned engine!

When your bowel movements improve you’ll feel lighter, less sluggish and less bloated in no time at all!

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