How to Combat Christmas Stress

By Giselle Monbiot - Women's Confidence Coach -


With Christmas approaching quickly, expectations are based on happy family gatherings, cheerful meals and plentiful presents. Songs and cards promise of creating happy memories from tables groaning with large amounts of food; groups of people laughing and joking together and everyone loving their presents. But often, the story is very different. It can be a time of missing loved ones who are not around; expectations can place enormous stress on the main organiser and bank accounts are often lacking sufficient funds.

The feeling of rising stress can become overwhelming at the cost of presents and food; mothers have to fit in all the extra shopping and organisation with their already full lives of juggling work, children and chores; whilst the thought of being surrounded by family who bring up unresolved personal issues and often arguments can leave many dreading the Christmas season.

So what can be done about this? One option is to shut your door and not open it until 2nd January, but this is often not an option or even desired. However, there are some wonderful ways you can ensure that you keep your stress levels low and to be able to enjoy the season, even when you are the main organiser.

Get organised 

Set aside a specific time for you to write out everything you need to do. Food, presents, cards, who to contact etc. Getting those thoughts out of your head and onto paper means you can make room for a calmer mind. When your head is full of rotating thoughts, this alone can increase stress hormones and feelings of overwhelm. Delegate what can be done by others so you can focus on the parts only you can do. Just  remember is to tick off the items once they are completed.


We all know that finances are tight and that money sadly doesn’t grow on trees. So be honest with yourself about what you can afford, set a budget and stick to it. There is nothing like money troubles to build stress and worry. So be kind to yourself and don’t overstretch yourself.

Keep it in perspective

Aiming to create the perfect day can cause more pain and anxiety for everyone than you realise. Whilst it is great to have high standards and wanting it to be a memorable day for everyone, striving for the perfect day will make you feel stressed and irritable. It will be hard for you to relax on the day and will probably mean you forget to relax, laugh and enjoy the people you are sharing the day with. Laughter, sharing and happiness is what makes good memories. If you keep that as your intention in your preparation, you’ll realise a lot of the extras are unnecessary.

Make a mental note 

If there are family members that trigger certain uncomfortable emotions make it your New Year’s resolution to do something about it. Go and see a professional who can enable you to let go of the past. We can’t change other people, but we can look to ourselves to change they way we respond to others.This will mean, that next year, you’ll have one (or few) less things to worry about.

Take time out for yourself

If the four walls are starting to come in, go for a walk in the fresh air; have a hot bath with candles; sit and focus on your breath – making sure you breathe deeply from your stomach. If you make your in breath shorter than your out

Giselle Monbiot is a Women’s Confidence Coach working one to one and running workshops to enable positive transformation for her clients. As a therapist for many years, she has learnt that good confidence is the foundation to a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Giselle leads a busy and enjoyable life raising her three children and dedicating herself to helping people increase their confidence and self esteem. To read more about Giselle click here

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