How Can Magnesium Benefit You?

By Preet Gata-Aura - Natural Health Star Co-Founder -

Magnesium is an essential element for a healthy body and mind but do you know how magnesium could benefit you?

Here are four health benefits of magnesium:

1. Magnesium for sleep
Magnesium helps to relax muscles and reduce tension and stress. It can play a vital role in helping the body to drift off in to wonderful slumber as it can reduce the feeling of restlessness before sleep.

Our feet are one of the most absorbent areas of the body and perfect for magnesium replenishment. Soaking your feet in a magnesium foot bath is a fantastic way to top up your magnesium levels which will relax your body and help you to sleep.

2. Magnesium for joints
Low levels of magnesium are thought to have a contributing role in muscle pain and certain chronic joint pain conditions. A Magnesium spray supplement that penetrates the skin is a fantastic way of targeting specific affected areas to provide relief.

3. Magnesium for sport and post work-out recovery
When we exercise, important minerals like magnesium are lost through sweat. A magnesium spray that penetrates the skin and enters cells directly is an excellent way to replenish your magnesium stores.

Magnesium is vital for energy production, muscle contraction and it assists in sustaining high oxygen consumption necessary for athletic performance.

A body with the right amount of magnesium will resist fatigue for longer and better repair itself.

4. Magnesium for stress
When we are deficient in this crucial mineral, we can become more susceptible to anxiety and stress. Magnesium is nature’s natural relaxant and it helps to rid the body of excess tension.

Magnesium absorption via the skin
A clinical trial by Cardiff University showed how well magnesium is absorbed through the skin, feeding every cell. When this essential mineral is delivered directly into the skin tissue, it enters cells immediately, efficiently replacing magnesium lost through sweat and the stresses of modern life.

We have a fantastic range of magnesium supplements to our health shop. They are all transdermal which means they are absorbed directly via the skin and enter the cells immediately to replenish your magnesium stores. The original magnesium oil spray and magnesium flakes are safe for the whole family and can be used during pregnancy. 

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