5 Holistic Ways Of Reaching Your Health Goals

By Julia Hollenbery -

5 holistic ways to reach your health goals
It is the time of year when we are all beginning to wake-up after winter dormancy. Like local flowers and animals, we too have been in a state of stillness and retreat.
We may try to ignore or pretend it is not so, but actually we all notice, feel and respond to the seasonal alterations. The changes in light, temperature and colour affect us on a cellular level as well as on an organism level.
Indulge and slow down
Modern culture is not very holistic: It tends to see humans in a human-only landscape, not as part of the much bigger natural whole. As a result the tendency is often to criticise ourselves for being lazy or slow or greedy, but actually these were NATURAL responses for the wintry time of year. The body needs to go slower, get more rest and oily substantial foods. You can let yourself off the hook of ‘done it wrong’ and realise you probably got it just right. You kindly and appropriately indulged yourself (not that you are an indulgent ‘bad’ person).
Allow yourself to rest
All of the colds and flus at the end of January and early February, are often seen as a nuisance. But they are a neccesary cleansing mechanism, ensuring extra rest after winter, a reboot of the body systems, before it moves into motion. The sniffles and coughs of this time of year are part of a positive clearing before the body and being is ready to step out into the sunshine and brightening landscape (daffodils, crocuses and blossom.) It is good to recognise that these minor unwellnesses are not a problem, but that all is well and just as it should be.
Accept change and prepare for action
From this basis, it is good (and I can hear right now rare confirmative birdsong in my garden as I write) to move out from our wintery retreat and into the beginning of the action of the new year. A good foundation is knowing that all is in its right place. The world is turning, the seasons are changing and we within, that are really ok. An attitude of acceptance, rather than fighting with the way things are, is a helpful starting place. Not that there are not things to be changed and movements to be made, but that we can make them, secure in our small place within the bigger scheme of things.
During the wintry break, all kinds of seeds were gestating within us, consciously or unconsciously, and now with the stronger sunshine and rain, they can begin slowly to germinate, still underground, into ideas, plans and preparations for action.
Tune into body, mind and environment
The body is starting to wake-up again, with renewed energy.  See if you can bring your attention now to sensing your physical body and to what it feels like, to what it wants and how it wants to do it. You may discover something new. Allow your body to show you the way, through its sensations, impulses, desires and urges, instincts, hunches and intuitions.
Let intuition guide you
2016 can become a more holistic and expansive year for you, through the inclusion of body and earth in awareness (not just conditioned thoughts of right, wrong, rush and achievement.) Recognising that we do not need to ‘improve’ ourselves (we are exactly right as we are) but that we can support our natural evolution, towards greater health, wholeness, love, peace and clarity, and can live our brief life well, living our purpose, as part of the bigger natural whole.
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