Happy New Year And What A Revolution It’s Been!

By Nisha Patel - Pharmacist and Co-Founder -

earth revolution

With the new year comes many new promises of fresh starts. A chance to start anew. Wiping the slate clean and putting all our hopes and wishes into an idea of who we want to be. But actually a really lovely way to think of it is to take the focus away from ourselves and to think of what a new year means. In the last 365 days the earth has taken a journey around the sun, spinning on its axis taking us from day to night, and has taken us all the way around in one swift revolution, ready to start the journey all over again. It’s beautiful and awe inspiring to consider. Similarly we go on our very own journey every year. We reflect the seasons the earth brings as it travels on its tilted axis around the sun. Following similar cycles and patterns in our own life.

Instead of trying to change ourselves too much by putting unrealistic pressure/restrictions on ourselves. Isn’t it better to embrace ourselves and congratulate ourselves on the bits we did well and continue with these habits? Maybe trying to add one or two new good ones to this. After all, the earth is going to continue with its journey around the sun in the same way as we will continue to breathe and live life the best way we know how. Of course this journey won’t last forever, but for as long as it does it’s worth making it a good one. Caring and being kind to ourselves not only helps us tune into what our body and mind really needs but also helps us keep healthy and grounded.

Here are a few ways we can care for ourselves in 2016

Listening to our internal monologue

This can be done by listening to how we talk to ourselves. Everyone has an internal monologue and this internal voice can determine how we treat ourselves. Maybe you’re too hard on yourself. Or you don’t think you’re good enough. First of all just noticing that voice and listening to it is an important first step. This internal voice can have important implications on the decisions we make, on the food we eat or don’t eat and the habits we keep. If you’re hard on yourself, try to be kinder to yourself in a way you would talk to a friend or someone you love.

Be aware of how you’re feeling in your body

We can hold stress in different part of our bodies. When we’re feeling stressed our breathing becomes shallower and our body is more contracted. This in turn can affect our health leading to backache, headaches, digestive issues and also making us more prone to infections. It’s important to tune into our body and notice subtle changes e.g shoulders feeling tense and hunched up and doing something about it as soon as you can. There are many different things you can do from breathing exercises to physical exercise.  Our automatic reaction to stress can feel beneficial in the short term e.g drinking or overeating. However, in the long term it just creates unhelpful habits with no real long term benefits. Wouldn’t it be better to treat yourself to regular massages, enjoy nice baths with easing bath salts, enjoy a herbal cuppa and a book. Anything that allows you to unwind which benefits the body and mind in the short and long run.

Enjoy more of the good stuff

Looking back on 2015 and writing down all the times you were really truly happy and content and doing more of this. It may be precious time you spend with your family or certain friends. Doing a certain activity or hobby. If you pack your life with the good stuff not only will you enjoy life more and feel less stressed but there will be less space for the not so good stuff.

Treat yourself

Set up regular treats for achieving goals. If you do set yourself certain goals for the new year. Make sure you also set up healthy treats for reaching these goals. You’ll feel more motivated to continue.

Be thankful

Being grateful is a great way to feel positive and appreciative the life you have. Rather than focus on the negative, try to tune in to the good things. Hypnotherapist Clare Burgess describes how gratitude can boost your overall wellbeing here.

For us 2015 was an incredible year as we launched natural health star which has allowed us to bring a fantastic community together. Every person involved in natural health star has a joint vision and aim and that is for everyone to be as healthy as they can be. Enjoying good health is so important and we believe in prevention and being kind to the body with beneficial natural products. We hope 2016 bring you good health and happiness. 

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