Are Your Genes Your Destiny?

By Prabha Shiyani - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach -


Many people think that their health destiny is determined by their genes. Some people insist they don’t want to know if they carry genetic risks because it’s facing the inevitable. However, neither of these statements needs to be true.

All human cells have 46 chromosomes (2 copies of 23: 23 from mum and 23 from dad). Your genotype, the actual genetic material that we got from our mum and dad was determined at conception but not all genes are active, that’s why you don’t have hairy eyeballs.

Now you can’t change your genes, these are fixed for life but scientists have now figured out that your lifestyle or epigenetics, has a huge impact on how your genes are expressed, this is your phenotype. Think of it like this, genetics loads the gun but it’s your lifestyle that pulls the trigger.

You can influence your phenotype, or the way your genes are expressed, by the way you treat your genes. Our genes are constantly responding to messages they get from our environment. By adapting your lifestyle and diet to your genes, you can maintain good health for life and age healthily.

According to Science Magazine, only 5% of cancers are solely due to ‘bad genes’ whilst 95% are due to interaction between genes and the environment, diet and lifestyle variables.

Some gene expression can’t easily be modified by diet, lifestyle or environmental exposures, these are your constitutional genetic factors like eye colour or hair colour. It’s your inducible genetic factors which you can control.

So how do you find out how to influence these inducible genes? Well, genetic testing has become a lot more affordable in the last 5 years and gives a fascinating insight into your blueprint.

It’s an exciting area of healthcare and it is the future of personalised nutrition and medicine because we have come to realise that we are all unique and there is no one size fits all.

When I work with my clients through genetic testing, we can tailor their diet and lifestyle plans to their specific genes so that they are no longer having to guess what’s right for them, which means they get results faster.

So, you should no longer believe that your genetic inheritance is set in stone and that nothing you can do will change it, because you can.

Prabha is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in genomics, EFT Practitioner, artist and cancer survivor whose passion is to help busy women find balance so that they can be the absolute best version of themselves. To read more about Prabha click here.

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