Do You Want New Resolutions or a Revolution?

By Nancy Florence - Psychotherapist & Success Coach -

With 2017 fast approaching I am sure you’re thinking about the next step for you in the New Year.
Perhaps you are already setting goals for yourself such as eating healthier or getting your career back on track.

Here is the catch…
How do you feel when you think about next year?
Optimistic? Deflated? Overwhelmed? Excited? Scared…?

Your body knows.
It knows if you are setting goals that are soul-sucking vs life-affirming.

So let’s get real.
Is buying a home next year or loosing 2 stones REALLY going to make you feel great?
Or would you rather carry on renting and book the holiday of your life in the Caribbean?
Do you want to focus on the weight you want to lose, or do you want to go back to dancing once a week?

You get the gist.
The practice of setting goals with soul is a practice that could change your life forever.
It is part of the Desire Mapping process I teach all of my clients as part of their big business launch.

In a nutshell, Desire Mapping is about getting clear on how you want to feel…and creating a life based on your desires.
It’s about aligning your goals and your daily planner to your soul in order to feel how you want to feel on a daily basis.

So how can you put this into practice right now?
Start with how you want to feel.
Start with your Core. Desired. Feelings.

So tell me…how do you want to feel in 2017?
Energised? Confident? Rich? Relaxed?

Get clear on this first…and jot down 3 to 5 feeling words on your notepad or in the palm of your hand.

Then the next step is to ask yourself: “What can I do to feel this way in 2017?”
Maybe signing up for a dance class will make you feel Energised…and Confident as well?
Maybe starting that business you’ve been dreaming of for a while will make you feel Rich?
Or is it buying a new couch that is going to make you feel just….deliciously Lush?
Maybe watching a great movie every Sunday afternoon or gifting yourself with 1 day a month at the spa is just what you need to feel Relaxed.

How can you generate your Core Desired Feelings in 2017?

I know it’s a big question.

This manifesto is an invitation to stop creating empty resolutions that don’t really excite you.
This is an invitation to Revolutionise your life.
This is an invitation to create your life by design.
You can create a life that feels good to you and that is aligned with your desires.

What other life would you want to live?

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Nancy Florence is a Success Coach and Psychotherapist for female entrepreneurs. She left her corporate job to create a business she loves and to spend quality time with her family. Nancy is dedicated to empowering women to take a stand for their dreams and to live their ideal life. Her support and mindset strategies helps her clients to bust through limiting beliefs and to become the women they want to be. To read more about Nancy click here

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