Creating a Joyful Journey to Your Destination

By Nancy Florence - Psychotherapist & Success Coach -

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Goals. Goals. Goals.
We all have them.
We work hard for them.
We are ambitious.
We make a plan.
We execute.

And then…before we know it…we are completely lost in the pursuit of our goals.
Obsessed. Consumed.
We desperately want the deal, the job, the baby, the soul mate or the money…
We find ourselves constantly pushing…always wanting more, more, more.
And before we know it…we lose sight of the most important thing…LIFE NOW.

How often do you stop to ask yourself how you are feeling that day?

We have a collective fantasy as a society that we will finally feel good once we arrive.
We imagine that, once we reach the destination….the goal…we’ll live ‘happily ever after’.

I don’t believe that to be true.

I believe we need to remember to make every single day count.
We need to remember to make feeling good our primary goal…before any other goal we set for ourselves.
What’s the point of all this striving otherwise?

This is an invitation to learn how to enjoy the journey to your destination.
I invite you to create JOYFULLY vs STRESSFULLY.
The irony is you’ll actually reach your goal quicker if you feel good along the way because you’ll infuse more power into everything you do.

So whatever it is you are pursuing at the moment, please stop for a minute.
Think about how you can create a joyful journey to your destination.

Here are practical strategies you can implement in your daily life:

  1. Get rid of as many obligations as possible. Looking at your to-do list, what could be delegated, contracted out or erased from your list altogether?
  2. Set daily goals that are aligned with how you want to feel. For instance, if you want to feel ‘energised’, could you schedule a walk or a run?
  3. Take regular breaks throughout the day. Hydrate, stop working whilst eating your lunch and take 3 deep breaths whenever you need to unwind throughout the day.
  4. Book days off. It’s great to switch off from everything sometimes and take a break from pursuing your goals.
  5. Make time for fun! When was the last time you laughed out loud?
  6. Remember that you will never arrive. The finishing line will keep going up and up so remind yourself that the only thing that matters now is the present.
  7. Look after yourself. Sleep early, meditate and exercise. Those 3 habits also happen to be the habits of millionaire entrepreneurs.

And remind yourself everyday that….in the wise words of Canadian Philosopher Danielle Laporte…‘feeling good is the whole point’.

If you want to learn how to get clear on your desires and how to feel good in your quest for success, book a Complimentary Clarity Call with me at

Love & Light

Nancy Florence x

Nancy Florence is a Success Coach and Psychotherapist for female entrepreneurs. She left her corporate job to create a business she loves and to spend quality time with her family. Nancy is dedicated to empowering women to take a stand for their dreams and to live their ideal life. Her support and mindset strategies helps her clients to bust through limiting beliefs and to become the women they want to be. To read more about Nancy click here

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