Can Emotional Freedom Technique Help Reduce Anxiety?

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -


A few years ago I was introduced to a tool called Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes called Tapping) and to be honest at first I thought it was a bit weird. You basically tap points on your body whilst focusing on an issue. Surely we’re supposed to think positively aren’t we? Also, can tapping certain points on the body really make a difference?

My initial hesitation to the technique was blown away when I first started to use it with my clients. I couldn’t quite believe how quick and effective it was in helping reduce symptoms of anxiety. Clients often report back to me how much it has helped them in situations where they used to have issues or that they just generally feel calmer after practising it regularly.

By actually focusing on the issue and accepting yourself for having the feeling or symptom is very powerful in helping to release the old emotions. The key statement in EFT is useful by itself as a starter as it’s about accepting that even though you feel something, you are okay. (“Even though I feel……, I completely and deeply accept myself”).

Of course, it’s not for everyone because there is no one technique that suits every person but for some people it can give them the exact tool they need to manage feelings in the moment whilst also helping them let go of those old emotions. I now teach it to clients who come to me for all sorts of reasons because it can help with reducing pain, cravings, fears or even reactions to certain difficult memories.

This is just an outline to introduce you to some of the key points to help explain why it might help so many people manage their issues. I would of course recommend that if you have any serious issues that you contact and work with a practitioner.

Why is it effective?

There’s loads of information out there about what EFT is and how it works to balance the body’s natural energy pathways. You can learn about the meridian points and how tapping helps to rewire and update connections in the brain to past experiences or emotions.

I encourage you to take a look further because I’ve seen it work so many times. There was one client in particular who comes to mind as an example of how EFT can really make the difference. This lady had been suffering with anxiety for years and had tried all sorts of different therapies plus breathing and relaxation techniques. One of her issues was that she didn’t believe she would ever really gain control of the anxiety or be able to reduce the symptoms easily. What EFT gave her was the convincer she needed to believe that she could feel more in control and help herself in the moment. This convincer enabled us to then work together to really resolve the root causes of her issues.

Here are some of the reasons I think EFT can be so effective:

  • It’s empowering to have a tool which you can use on yourself whenever you need it.
  • It teaches you to accept feelings rather than try to stop them and helps you to take full responsibility for them.
  • For physical symptoms, it helps you learn about the mind/body connection to reducing pain or other symptoms.
  • It teaches you that you can take positive and physical action to manage your own feelings rather than trying to stop thoughts or believing you have no control.
  • Through the process of tapping you are practising calming yourself in relation to certain fears, symptoms or anxieties which literally helps to re-programme the mind. In effect, the brain becomes more and more wired to feeling calmer in relation to the issue.

So how to get started?

Here are a few useful links to help you get started. Have a go today. If you have any particular issues or anxieties at the moment try to practice for around 10 minutes a day for a week or two and begin to notice the difference it makes.

If you want any more information about EFT, feel free to email me here at 

Clare Burgess is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and personal development coach. She first discovered the power of hypnotherapy when she was pregnant with her second child. A positive birth experience aided by hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing inspired Clare to train as a hypnotherapist. Clare is passionate about helping people overcome anxiety issues and emotional blocks in their lives through her work. To read more about Clare click here

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