Back To Basics. What Could Water Do For You?

By Judith Reid - Naturopathic Nutritionist -


“Water, water, everywhere nor any drop to drink”. So wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”) but it could well have been penned by one of our own cells. (“The Rime of the Dehydrated Cell” perhaps?)

Our cells hear us fill up our kettles from the tap, run ourselves a bath, as well as listen to our incessant complaints about too much rain, but probably feel deprived of this rather essential fluid!!

Each of our cells comprises approximately 70 – 80% water, so common sense dictates that we need to replenish their stores on a regular basis. But how many of us do that?

Ideally we should be drinking at least 2 litres of good quality, clean, still water, spread throughout the day.  Sadly, though, very few of us drink enough water (if any!) and usually instead choose from a range of diuretic beverages, such as coffee, tea, sodas and alcohol. Diuretics take water out of our cells and ultimately out of our bodies, so are totally counterproductive in our quest to hydrate our cells.

Being properly hydrated enables us to flow physically, mentally and emotionally and, at the most fundamental level, it enables each of our cells to function optimally, helping them to nourish, cleanse and do their stuff!! If we don’t provide them with good old H2O, they struggle on, but without this essential raw ingredient, things can eventually start to go wrong, and the first we know about it is when we get one or more symptoms; SOS calls from our cells.

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One of the biggest users of water is digestion. When we eat something, it gets busy in our digestive tract, and, water-wise, it’s not too dissimilar to a carwash!! If we aren’t hydrated sufficiently, however, our food is not broken down very well, and symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn, windipops, bloating and constipation can result.

Similarly, joint or skin problems, backache, headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, allergies etc. can also point to dehydration.

When it comes to solving health problems, however, water tends to be dismissed. How could anything so simple and natural be effective? Instead, we go in search of magic bullets. We can gift our cells with expensive superfoods and therapies or even with pharmaceuticals until the proverbial cows come home, but if we don’t also adopt a sensible water-drinking habit, problems will persist and very likely multiply.

So, let’s make our cells happy (and healthy) by drinking water EVERY day. For one month, try drinking 2 litres each day and notice the difference.

Here are just some of the benefits you could enjoy ……………..

  • Clearer thinking, better focus and memory
  • Smoother, more comfortable digestion
  • Healthier joints
  • Clearer skin
  • Happier waterworks 
  • Fewer (if any) headaches
  • Easier breathing 
  • Stronger  immune system
  • More energy – YAY!!

What could drinking water do for YOU?  

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0 Comments on “Back To Basics. What Could Water Do For You?”

  1. Great article Judith (My daughters and I all water addicts!). I totally agree that people are obsessed with expensive cures for their ailments and don’t try the simple things first…. but that’s probably because things like water, sunshine, fruit & vegetables have no marketing budget.

    1. It’s true, a lot of those things don’t have the marketing budget so don’t appear exciting. Sadly though too, our tastes have been tampered with by food companies, so that we don’t appreciate the simpler things in life and the cleaner tastes of water and fresh fruit / veg. And let’s face it, sunshine has been demonised and we’ve all been scared into thinking it’s too dangerous to be out in it for 5 seconds !!! What a crazy world we live in !!

  2. Yes I agree about the sunshine too. My daughter came home insisting I slather her in suncream the other day (I refused!). She is not prone to burning, and none of us get enough vitamin D from sunshine in the UK as it is.

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