Seasonal Cleanse – The Ayurvedic Way

By Ratna Bhavani - Ayurveda -


As the snow melts in the mountains so does the build-up of toxins we accumulated in our body during the winter months. The same applies to the excess heat of the summer that scorches our system by the autumn. These transitional periods are ideal times to reflect on what may be out of balance in our lives and take steps to restore our equilibrium.

Ayurveda highly recommends seasonal cleansing to stay healthy and young. This is a purification method that allows a regeneration process to eliminate the physical and emotional toxins we had accumulated so the mind-body can return to its natural state of sukha (su=happy/kha=space). It is only after we have released these stored toxins that had prevented the flow of energy and information to move freely, that we are able to engage in rejuvenation practices that will nurture our vitality and wellbeing. There are several ways to expel these toxins, varying on a person’s health status, time, resources and finances.

Here is an easy self cleansing method that one can do at home:

Clean your house – It is time to open the windows, let fresh air in, clear out your closet, air your duvets, move the furniture around, make some sound – clap your hands around the house and let the stagnant energy shift

Cleanse your body – a perfect time to get rid of the built up toxins of the winter months by cleansing the liver, gallbladder and GI tract (I can help you with this too). A few tips from Ayurveda include:

  • Vigorous self-massage
  • Sweat it out by either visiting your local sauna in the gym or creating steam in your own bathroom
  • Eat plant based and light foods that helps in strengthening the digestive fire
  • Drink plenty of warm water with freshly ground ginger or cinnamon or the detox CCF tea which is made of 1 tsp of cumin, coriander and fennel
  • Add turmeric to your daily diet
  • Do a daily castor oil compress on your abdominal area.

You need to move in the spring season to shake off all the extra weight and toxins however it is good to first just sit. Take 15 minutes every day to just sit and do nothing. Just gaze into empty space and then only get up and go about doing what you need to. You will find this rest gives you energy, enthusiasm and direction to go about doing what needs to get done. Do some form of mind-body exercise like yoga, tai-chi or qigong or go for long walks.

Cleanse your mind and emotions – the simplest way is through silence and breathing. Use Nadi Sodhana or Alternate Nostril breathing that is great for cleansing the channels and balancing the doshas, the chakras and the right and left brain activities.

In Ayurveda excess talking or pralapa is a sign of heightened Vata (air element) which drains energy. So silence helps to renew energy, draws you inward and brings clarity.

Good luck!

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