Are You Missing the Whole Point of Life?

By Nancy Florence - Psychotherapist & Success Coach -

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Feeling good.

Feeling good is often at the bottom of our priority list. Especially for busy women and mothers who spend most of their time looking after everyone else’s needs.

We know we should eat well, sleep well and exercise but how often do we actually focus on our emotional health?

Your emotional health is a measure of how you feel in your heart on a daily basis.

My clinical experience as a Psychotherapist taught me that no matter how hard we work and how much we do for others, none of it will produce the results we want if we are not in the right frame of mind…or heart I should say!

I dedicated my life to empowering people to feel good and bring their desires to life.

Because, let’s face it:

“Feeling good is the whole point” (Danielle Laporte, author of the Desire Map).

Research has shown that emotional pain can lead to psychological and physical disease. Telling yourself you are weak decreases your mental and physical strength.

The reserve is also true: telling yourself you are strong increases your mental and physical strength.

Your internal dialogue is of the essence here.

Olympic athletes know that and they train on the basis that their mindset will account for 80% of their success.

Yes. 80%.

Take a minute to ask yourself how you talk to yourself on a daily basis.

Do you criticise yourself and torture yourself with guilt on a daily basis? Do you tell  yourself you are not good enough?

Your thoughts shape your whole experience of life. They create your reality.

So treating yourself harshly and attending to other people’s needs at the detriment of your own emotional health is not living your best life.

The good news is you can transform this…right now as you are reading.

Decide to treat yourself with kindness. Drop the guilt and decide that who you are and what you do in your life is good enough.

…that feels good doesn’t it?

The critical voice in your head that puts you down all the time is not going to go away but you get to choose not to believe it.

You get to create a supportive and kind dialogue with yourself.

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The art of feeling good is a life-long commitment. It takes constant reminders and daily practice to transform your limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs and I’m going to show you how:

1 – Make self-care your top priority. Your emotional wellbeing comes first. Before your children, family and friends. By getting yourself in a high-vibration you will be of more service to everyone around you.

2 – Make your morning routine sacred. Mornings are the most important time of the day to look after your heart. In the same way that you remember to brush your teeth every day, remember to start your day with practices and rituals that make you feel good. For example meditation, practising gratitude, yoga, deep breathing and prayer are beautiful ways to ground yourself before you start doing…Be first.

3 – Nourish your soul with goodness. Be mindful of the information you consume throughout the day. Immerse yourself in books and media material that raise your vibration. In order to reprogram your brain, you need to feed it constantly with information that is aligned with how you want to feel. And you want to feel good right?

4 – Make yourself feel good from the outside in. This is especially important when you are having an off day. Make a point of dressing up, putting makeup on and allowing yourself time for rest and fun. You deserve it.

I invite you to focus less on your to-do lists and more on your feel-good list. Not only will you be a lot more productive, all your actions will be infused with power and high-vibe energy.

You will start experiencing your natural rhythm and the natural flow of life (also called Tao in Eastern philosophy).

Today and everyday for the rest your life, make feeling good your priority.

The old human brain is wired for survival but the 21st century brain is developing a new muscle for living without limits.

So no more enduring. No more daily grind. Be done with martyrdom.

Decide to make your desires sacred and attend to your heart every single day.

And remember…feeling good is the WHOLE point.

From my heart to yours.

Nancy Florence

Nancy Florence is a Success Coach and Psychotherapist for female entrepreneurs. She left her corporate job to create a business she loves and to spend quality time with her family. Nancy is dedicated to empowering women to take a stand for their dreams and to live their ideal life. Her support and mindset strategies helps her clients to bust through limiting beliefs and to become the women they want to be. To read more about Nancy click here

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8 Comments on “Are You Missing the Whole Point of Life?”

  1. Nancy, love your post. Beautifully written. I love that you’ve listed practices and rituals to start the day. One of mine is to have a green smoothie as (a) I enjoy it (b) I know how it nurtures every cell in my body and gives me the best start to the day. That is sacrosanct !!!!
    The idea of keeping our vibration high is so important too.
    Thank you ……. really enjoyed reading this and shall share around 🙂
    Judith x

  2. Hi Judith, thank you so much for your comment and for sharing this article. I totally agree with you on the green smoothie. We feel alive when we eat food that is alive. What’s your recipe?

    1. Hi Nancy
      I tend to stick to a fairly basic 2 bananas, avocado, greens (parsley / rocket / kale), a little water (or homemade hemp milk), 2 pears / oranges / apples, and then add in some linseed oil to get our EFAs in too. That makes a nice bowl each for 2 people. I top it with a sprinkling of bee pollen and add any berries we have in. At the moment I am growing microgreen pea shoots so am cutting those fresh to add in. 🙂
      Judith x 🙂

  3. I love this post too Nancy. So beautiful and empowering. I have recently been spending time in silence and it’s been wonderful. The insights you get from your self can be so wonderful and liberating. Thank you for such a wonderful post. xxx

    1. Empowerment is one of the key things. Taking our life, health and our happiness into our own hands 🙂
      It’s great to have lovely posts like this one from Nancy to remind us that we can be more empowered. 🙂
      Judith x

    2. Glad you enjoyed reading this article. Silence is gold. Sounds like you are making time to download whatever messages are available to you. Beautiful.

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