3 Amazing Ways Good Confidence Improves Your Health

By Giselle Monbiot - Women's Confidence Coach -


When you think of the benefits of good confidence, you possibly imagine someone who has good social ease, comfortable at voicing their opinions and generally doing well in life. I wonder, however, if you realise that improving your confidence can directly link to improving your health?

When you are confident in your own abilities and in who you are, you are able to create realistic goals, comfortable with taking risks, and generally feel happier within yourself. So how does this improve your health?

  • You can set realistic goals with your health regime. Whether you are looking to do more exercise, change your eating patterns or trying something completely new, a confident you can work out what is right for your life and what you are capable of. If you have made choices from an ‘improving your life’ mindset as opposed to a mindset of ‘despair or comparison to someone else’s life’, you are far more likely to keep the regime up. For any improved health and good results, you need to think about the long term as opposed to doing something for a week and then giving up.
  • Try new things. A major characteristic of a confident person is their ability to take risks and try new things. So if you have low self esteem and confidence, you are far less likely to go to a new exercise class because you will be afraid of looking stupid, fat or not being as good as everyone else. A confident person will recognise that new things need to be learned and everyone has to start somewhere. That means they are more likely to try different exercise options to find the one they really enjoy. There are so many fabulous opportunities for exercising in groups, solo or as a team. However, if you don’t experiment how will you ever find the right thing for you?
  • Confidence has a direct link to the level of happiness you feel. Happiness has been proven to have a direct link to both physical and mental health. In a study in 2007 Veenhoven reported that happiness is directly linked to increased longevity. Happiness was a preventative to illness as opposed to a cure. So to experience an overall sense of fulfilment within your life has a direct impact on your health. He writes “ Another mechanism may be that happy people make better choices in life, because they are more open to the world and more self-confident. Happy people are also less likely to fall victim to the pattern of one-dimensional thinking in distress, which might hamper choice (Zautra, 2003).”

Improved health is such an exciting benefit to living with confidence. When our minds and bodies are healthy, we have the energy and capacity to really experience life to the full. Health and confidence live in synchrony, building and enhancing each other beautifully. So wondering where to start? Make little steps with either your health or your confidence. Because as one improves the other will naturally follow.

Giselle Monbiot is a Women’s Confidence Coach working one to one and running workshops to enable positive transformation for her clients. As a therapist for many years, she has learnt that good confidence is the foundation to a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Giselle leads a busy and enjoyable life raising her three children and dedicating herself to helping people increase their confidence and self esteem. To read more about Giselle click here

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