Erin McGuigan-Natural health star author

Erin McGuigan

I work with mothers, fathers, babies and children. I am passionate about helping families set their children up for a lifetime of physical and emotional wellness, starting from pregnancy, on through to birth and then in the early years.

As a facilitator of Birth Preparation Workshops, the ‘Treasure Birth’ workshop, I work with women who want more out of their birth preparation than being taught modern knowing about birth. I work with women who recognise that their inner knowing will guide them to birth their babies and who want to take back empowered births.

As a Birth Doula, I guide women to that place of trust, wisdom and self confidence so that they will start their labour with anticipation, not fear, and will have an empowered birth experience, regardless of how events unfold, because they are in control, and they trusted themselves. I am there for both the mum and the dad, with empathy, compassion, and non judgemental support.

As a Post Natal Doula, I offer nourishment and practical support to new mothers in their own home. The transition to parenthood can be tricky and I am there to help, listen, encourage and reassure.

I have also been an Early Years Professional since 2009 and take seriously the role I play in the early years of a person’s life. I am honoured to have been a part of so many little people’s lives.

I work hard to get to know each and every person who crosses my professional path so that I can serve them and their individual needs. I value a holistic, nature filled lifestyle, with healthy, nutrient dense food and a toxin free home.