Tuna Tortilla with Kombu Seaweed and Pesto

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This is a really easy recipe and makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner perfect for any time of the year. The Kombu seaweed adds an extra special taste and ... Read More

Coconut And Chickpea Curry

By Preet Gata-Aura - Natural Health Star Co-Founder -

This simple dish is just bursting with flavour and is such a healthy, hearty meal on its own. The combination of sweet, mild coconut with spicy chickpeas is divine and … Read More

Classic Turkish Aubergine – Imam Bayildi

By Didi Chapman - Healthy Recipes -

Aubergines are one of the most popular vegetables in Turkey. Not only are they delicious and hearty, but they also boast fantastic health properties such as being high in dietary … Read More

Gluten-free Vegan Burgers

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

Sometimes you just gotta have a burger. Personally I’m more partial to the meat-free variety. So this weekend I thought I’d try out a vegan burger recipe made from chickpeas … Read More

Beetroot Carpaccio with Mint Bean Purée

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This dish is not only simple and quick to make but also full of flavour. It can be eaten as a delicious lunch or dinner with a salad or as … Read More

Winter Warmer Kitchari to Share and Enjoy!

By Ratna Bhavani - Ayurveda -

One of the most common dishes in India, be it in the South or North is Kitchari or Khichdi. It is a great source of nourishment for everyone, from toddlers … Read More

Moroccan Aubergine and Chickpea Stew

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This stew is the perfect warming dish for cold winter months. It’s full of flavour and the ultimate comfort food. This dish is perfect for vegans and is also gluten-free. Ingredients … Read More

Crispy Kale and Sea Greens Seaweed

By Nisha Patel - Pharmacist and Co-Founder -

This is my favourite snack at the moment. I’m more savoury than sweet (my tastebuds not personality….I hope!). So give me olives, feta cheese or nuts and I’m happy. This … Read More

Three Ingredient Soup

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This recipes is one of my favourites because it is easy, cheap, healthy and best of all tasty! It is especially good for those who are; Lactose intolerant. Coeliac or … Read More

Wholesome Quinoa Bowl with Avocado Mash and Tahini

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This salad is packed with vitamins and nutrients.  It is versatile because you can pretty much add the ingredients of your choosing to the quinoa! Even though more expensive, I … Read More