Oaty Banana Loaf

By Vaani Wadman - Sugar Plum Bakes -

This is one of my trusted go-to recipes for an after school snack for my children. It's an easy-to-prepare recipe that I can whip up quickly for my kids and ... Read More

How to Bake Without Wheat

By Erin McGuigan - Birth Doula -

When I weaned my children many friends were talking about gluten free, dairy free, sugar free diets for their families. I am very nutritionally minded and I naturally gravitated to … Read More

Raw Vegan Brownie Bites

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

  This recipe is absolutely delightful and is raw. It is so simple and requires no baking, no sugar, no flour, no eggs and no milk – but it is … Read More

Fudgy Coconut Flour Brownies

By Vaani Wadman - Sugar Plum Bakes -

I love baking for my children and am always developing recipes for them that feel like a treat but contain wonderfully wholesome ingredients. This certainly is one of those recipes … Read More

Vegan & Gluten-free Banana Cacao Cake

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

This delicious cacao banana cake is simple to make and is suitable for vegans and those who are gluten-free. It also has all the benefits of raw cacao, which include … Read More

Chia and Spirulina Pudding

By Maria Lobo - Creative Healthy Recipes -

Chia seed pudding is a simple and delicious way to easily get the benefits of chia seeds. There are dozens of ways to customise it to your taste. You can … Read More

Dairy-free Gingerbread Cup Cakes

By Vaani Wadman - Sugar Plum Bakes -

This one is for the kids – a very easy recipe that little hands will love getting stuck into. It’s a little bit messy but that makes it all the … Read More

Coconut Flour Banana Bread

By Jenni Kiddle - Nutritional Therapy -

It might be something embedded into British blood but I really do enjoy baking. It’s a hybrid of art and science with a result of delicious, warm, sweet goodness.. .what’s … Read More