Visualisations for a More Comfortable Labour and Birth

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

Learning and practising visualisation techniques can help you become more relaxed for labour and birth. Visualisations can help prepare your mind for a more positive birth experience and change limiting … Read More

The Fourth Trimester

By Erin McGuigan - Birth Doula -

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. For those mothers out there, do you remember those weeks just after your baby was born, hazily even? Some authors on baby and child development … Read More

Birth Anchors: Using Your Senses To Help You Relax

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

We already know that fear and tension reduce the birthing hormones oxytocin and endorphins which causes pain and hinder the birth process. Staying relaxed is key to labour progressing smoothly … Read More

5 Ways to Have a More Positive Birth Experience

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

Birth is a spontaneous natural event which is unpredictable but with the right ‘toolkit’, good support, and an open mind-set, birth can be a positive and beautiful experience whatever happens … Read More

3 Simple Ways To Look After Yourself During Pregnancy

By Juliet Penrose-Thackwell - Clinical Massage Therapist & Reflexologist -

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing in a woman’s life, but it is also a time of many physical and hormonal changes, which can cause discomfort in the body and emotional ups … Read More

Improving Your Fertility Naturally

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

When you start trying for a baby, it can be very frustrating if things don’t happen straight away. There are lots of positive improvements you and your partner can make … Read More