Visualisations for a More Comfortable Labour and Birth

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

Learning and practising visualisation techniques can help you become more relaxed for labour and birth. Visualisations can help prepare your mind for a more positive birth experience and change limiting … Read More

The Fourth Trimester

By Erin McGuigan - Birth Doula -

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. For those mothers out there, do you remember those weeks just after your baby was born, hazily even? Some authors on baby and child development … Read More

Birth Anchors: Using Your Senses To Help You Relax

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

We already know that fear and tension reduce the birthing hormones oxytocin and endorphins which causes pain and hinder the birth process. Staying relaxed is key to labour progressing smoothly … Read More

5 Ways to Have a More Positive Birth Experience

By Clare Burgess - Hypnotherapist -

Birth is a spontaneous natural event which is unpredictable but with the right ‘toolkit’, good support, and an open mind-set, birth can be a positive and beautiful experience whatever happens … Read More

3 Simple Ways To Look After Yourself During Pregnancy

By Juliet - Clinical Massage Therapist & Reflexologist -

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing in a woman’s life, but it is also a time of many physical and hormonal changes, which can cause discomfort in the body and emotional ups … Read More

Improving Your Fertility Naturally

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

When you start trying for a baby, it can be very frustrating if things don’t happen straight away. There are lots of positive improvements you and your partner can make … Read More

Acupressure for Morning (Noon and Night) Sickness

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

Anyone who’s suffered from morning sickness knows it can strike at anytime. Morning, noon or night, this little blighter doesn’t know when to quit. When it comes on in the middle of … Read More