Acupuncture and Healthy Winter Hygge

By Alex Lochhead - Five Element Acupuncturist -

Have you heard of Hygge?  Pronounced Hoo-ga, it is a feeling that starts to become more prominent for me from October.  We probably all get it, though few of us … Read More

Pressure Points To Relieve Headaches

By Alex Lochhead - Five Element Acupuncturist -

Headaches come in many forms and have just as many causes.  Whatever their cause, they are a miserable symptom that spoils the day. Happily, a lot of headaches respond well … Read More

The ‘Zen Ten’ That Acupuncture Has Taught Me

By Alex Lochhead - Five Element Acupuncturist -

Having acknowledged in previous blogs that acupuncture is far more than just the action of needles being inserted into bodies, here is my ‘all time Zen Ten’ tips for better … Read More

Helping Helps!

By Alex Lochhead - Five Element Acupuncturist -

Three things happened in a matter of hours on boxing day that got me thinking about helping. Firstly, the floods.  I live in York and as you may be aware … Read More

Restorative Versus Transformational Acupuncture

By Alex Lochhead - Five Element Acupuncturist -

I seem to be going through a phase of treating other acupuncturists at the moment, which is a good opportunity to learn more about other practitioners’ treatment styles and opinions.  … Read More

Treat Common Health Conditions with Acupressure

By Juliet - Clinical Massage Therapist & Reflexologist -

Eastern therapies such as Thai massage, Shiatsu and Acupunture are becoming increasingly popular in the West. The underlying philosophy behind these modalities is that ill health results from an imbalance … Read More

Beat the Winter Blues

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

Autumn is now well and truly on its way. The leaves already seem to be turning and there are plenty of blackberries waiting to be foraged. The days are getting … Read More

Top 5 Tips for Stress Relief

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

1. Acupuncture Acupuncture is my favourite way to get relief from stress. Your body is generally in one of two states at any particular time. It’s either relaxed and in … Read More

Improving Your Fertility Naturally

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

When you start trying for a baby, it can be very frustrating if things don’t happen straight away. There are lots of positive improvements you and your partner can make … Read More

What Does Your Tongue Say About You?

By Nicola Salmon - Acupuncturist -

The first time I see a patient and ask them to stick out their tongue, I normally get a very funny look followed by questions about what on earth I’m … Read More