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Varsha Soneji

Varsha Soneji is qualified medical herbalist with over 25 years of experience in the complementary health business. Her interest stemmed from observations in childhood when her parents used home remedies to cure an array of minor health issues. Her father introduced her to homoeopathy and other forms of energetic medicine. She has been a life-long vegetarian and considers diet and nutrition to be one of the most important factors in achieving and maintaining good health.

Varsha decided to formalise her knowledge with a degree in Herbal Medicine and carried out her dissertation on the treatment of hypercholesterolemia with herbs.

Varsha is a Member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists and a Mentor for new herbalists joining the institute. She is also a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine.

Varsha is available for private consultations at her clinic, Vanaspati Herbal Medicine, in Central and North West London.

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