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Dr Tom Das

Hi, I’m Tom. I’ve been enchanted and captivated by this mysterious magical event that I call life for as long as I can remember. Some people say that I have an unhealthy fascination with reading ancient texts from traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Zen and Taoism – but I prefer to call myself a passionate enthusiast.

I was fortunate to learn yoga and how to meditate from a young age, and have had many ‘spiritual experiences’ over the years. More recently these have given way to a much simpler sense of life living itself, just as it is. It’s nothing special but also cannot be put into words. The sense of a ‘me’ living a life and the dissatisfaction that fuelled my spiritual seeking have both disappeared, leaving behind an ordinary life ‘being lived’ or living itself.

I look forward to sharing my insights with you here on Natural Health Star and also hope to learn just as much from you.

I work as a doctor in London and have a specialist interest in mental health.

I hold regular meetings both in person and via Skype for anyone interested in non-duality and spirituality, click here to find out more or to learn more about me see