Julia Hollenbery-Reiki and Healing

Julia Hollenbery

Trust your deep knowing, sense your desire, embody your passion – let the big you out!

I work with individuals and groups, guiding people to rediscover their instinctual intelligence and love of life. When we relax deeply and become intimately aware of our body and feelings, the moment opens up – to pleasure, sensual relationship, true guidance and creative power. Anything is possible…

I am therapist with over 20 years experience working with a range of people and conditions in England and in other countries and cultures. My formal trainings include Grinberg Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy and Constellations, a kind of Body Psychotherapy.

Life for me hasn’t always been easy, but through travel, bodywork and spiritual work, I am now at home in my body and in the world, expressing natural spirituality. Losing my mother at the same time as birthing my daughter, led to a crisis which was also a personal maturation: The Loving Life work I now offer is a transformational blend of dialogue, bodywork, energywork, movement, imagery, ritual and meditation. Please find more information and book a free call at http://www.LovingLife.co.uk and Loving Life on Facebook.