Donna Kenny

Donna Kenny

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and weight loss coach, and work in both Central London and Poole in Dorset. I also work as a speaker giving talks on hypnotherapy and its benefits and organising and running workshops and retreats.

Originally I started out working for Weight Watchers, and looked to develop my knowledge in this area by training with Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I loved Paul McKenna’s approach to weight loss, so felt it was a natural step to train with him. “Paul took the age old practice of hypnotherapy and applied it to weight loss, delivering a long term solution and I identified very much with his approach.”

I then furthered my training with Dr John Butler at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in London and caught what they both call ‘hypno fever’. “When I saw the video of John having surgery without an anaesthetic I sat up and took note”. In 2015, I co-founded Women to Inspire Me (

The foundation is a community for women to come together and inspire one another. Their first celebration dinner in November 2015 with inspirational speakers raised £3,200 for Lewis Manning Hospice.

I am passionate and committed to helping women feel inspired and create some magic in their lives. “So often we are juggling work and home and are often the carers to both our parents and our children (the carer sandwich) which leaves little or often no time for ourselves”. My self care programme help women to create balance and harmony when they are frazzled, by helping them change their mindset.
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