Didi 290

Didi Chapman

Hi I’m Didi! I’m a mum of two little terrors (…my beautiful boys aged 7 and 3) and I absolutely LOVE to cook!

My passion for food and cooking started as a young girl growing up in Turkey. I used to watch my mum in the kitchen and always felt so inspired by the way she made people feel through her love of food and the amazing meals that she prepared for all of our friends and family.

The food culture in Turkey was beautiful; our week would always begin at the local markets where we would buy fresh, organic and locally produced fruit and vegetables. Sourcing ingredients like this was just a way of life for us and “ready-meals” didn’t even exist.

My first experiences of cooking were about trying to impress and surprise my mum when she was out of the house. We always had fresh ingredients in the kitchen and so I used to love to experiment with different foods and flavours and be as creative as I could. I must admit that sometimes the resulting meal would be disastrous but having the freedom to experiment taught me so much.

I still like to cook this way now and my intuition is very important in my cooking. I rarely use recipes and normally just measure by eye and keep tasting along the way. It’s often the case that one recipe doesn’t suit all so I would love to inspire people to be more confident and trust their intuition with food and cooking.

For my family I love to cook simple, fresh and nourishing food with plenty of variety. With a few delicious ingredients my meals are very quick, easy to make and it can be so much fun when the kids are involved too.