Brontie Ansell

Hello! I’m Brontie and I hand-make raw artisan chocolate in my kitchen in West Sussex, England.

I make small batches of organic, single origin Ecuadorian chocolate.  I make my chocolate using the finest quality un-roasted beans and butter. I really believe in the power of small business and ethical sourcing; together we can make a difference to lives and communities around the world. By choosing my chocolate you are directly helping small farms in Ecuador who are desperately trying to make a sustainable, ethical living without resorting to child labour and corruption. I personally source everything from the best suppliers I can find. They are well inspected and fully certified. I ensure that I have full traceability of all my ingredients and I can be sure they have been responsibly and ethically grown.

My chocolate is super healthy, vegan and diabetic friendly. I don’t use any nasty stuff that your body doesn’t need. My chocolate contains no dairy, gluten or refined sugar. I use a very small amount of carob suspension to sweeten and this gives it a super smooth taste.

Brontie & Co. is a small independent company, specialising in fresh, organic chocolate. Healthy, ethical chocolate is our passion and we produce with the best possible ingredients.