Assia Stepien

Hello wonderful people! I’m a yoga inspired wellness coach and a professional yoga teacher based in London. Double certified in Mysore, India.

I’ve originally started practising yoga to become more fit and flexible. But instead of simply achieving this, as well as becoming stronger and slimmer, yoga has lowered my stress levels and also led me to feel happier about myself and life in general.

Through my constant practice I’m able to share my balanced and healthy attitude to life with so many amazing people, who also want to broaden their life experiences and change into much more confident and empowered individuals.

Join my private yoga classes in London and feel for yourself how amazing it is to stay healthy and practice yoga properly!

Yoga achievements:

200h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Sthalam8 ashtanga yoga shala,
Mysore, India

500h Prana Vashya Yoga Teacher Training, Prana Vashya Yoga Institute
Mysore, India

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