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Alpa Dhamecha

Hi, I’m Alpa Dhamecha. I’m a holistic health advisor, yoga teacher and a trained macrobiotic chef.

My love of food and healthy cooking started when I was very young. My mum was an excellent cook who loved to cook fresh, daily vegetarian meals for the family. I would say my passion for food actually began because of her – she is and always has been a Master chef for me! I have two children aged 20 and 17 and I have tried to follow by my mum’s example to ensure that my family have always eaten well.

I’m of Indian origin and have been bought up in Portugal so I have embraced both of these beautiful cultures into my cooking. I have culminated a series of dishes inspired by both cultures with macrobiotics being pivotal to ensure my dishes are wholesome, healthy and tasty. These dishes have been broadcasted on an Asian TV series and were received really well by their viewers.

I have seen first hand how avoiding processed and refined foods can really improve your lifestyle and make life changing benefits. By eating healthily and introducing a macrobiotic and more alkaline diet that consists of whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables, seaweed, fermented foods, seeds, nuts you can enjoy the benefits of feeling more energetic, positive and sleeping well.

I am passionate about spreading the benefits of a macrobiotic diet and I’m so thrilled to be sharing some of my favourite recipes with you.

I teach yoga and also provide macrobiotic cooking classes that can be one to one sessions or for groups. For more information about any of these please email me: or visit my website

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