our story

Having children is certainly a life changing experience. In the case of us – Nisha and Preet, two childhood friends with five children between us, it sparked off a whole new insight into the way we wanted to promote health and well-being for our families.

We have strong Science backgrounds in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and along with a love for natural health, we are passionate about bringing you the same vision we saw for our own families; safe natural health products which focus on prevention rather than treatment, nutritious and delicious health food, skincare products containing simple, therapeutic ingredients and pure home care products.

We have created a site that brings you unique information from us and our fantastic community of health authors. We have handpicked a range of natural health products that focus on prevention and complement common health conditions.

Nisha’s Story

My love for science and passion for helping people to be healthy and well led me to pursue a career in pharmacy. I’ve been practicing as a pharmacist for the last 16 years. The area I’ve received the most satisfaction with is working alongside other healthcare professionals in helping patients get better, through making healthy lifestyle changes to prevent and treat certain conditions. Medicine, of course, plays a vital role in treating peoples’ ailments but making essential lifestyle changes is just as, if not more, important.

Growing up, my mum’s love for natural preventative healthcare and healthy balanced eating also sparked off the same passion in me. This grew vastly when I became pregnant with my first child. Suffering from morning sickness and being limited in what I could and would take, I decided to opt for natural approaches. I also became more mindful of the ingredients used in personal care products, home care products and in the food my family ate.

In the pharmacy, I was also finding increasing numbers of people looking for a more natural and gentle approach to medicine with minimal side effects. Trying to focus on prevention rather than treatment, I couldn’t find a quality comprehensive guide to the many great natural holistic treatments and remedies out there are for specific self limiting conditions like IBS, insomnia, headaches, stress, backache and allergies. It was at this point I was determined to create a community dedicated to natural health.

Preet’s Story

Becoming pregnant with my first child was a real turning point in my life. It was the first time I began to address my health from a completely different perspective. Up until that point I was relatively fit and thought that I was healthy but as I began to take a more detailed view of the food I consumed, I realised that it was based on a diet of pretty much all processed food with excess hidden sugar. It wasn’t so much that I was regularly eating ‘junk food’ or take- outs, in fact I was eating mostly what I considered home cooked food but I realised that my ‘home cooking’ was not actually that healthy and probably wasn’t going to benefit my family’s  health very much at all.

I started to analyse ingredients more closely and learned more about the amazing benefits of consuming raw, natural food. I also began to look at other chemicals that my family and I were exposed to on a daily basis, especially in the skincare we all use. I realised that for years I spent ridiculous amounts of money on skincare products that make an array of misleading and exaggerated claims. In my opinion all they provided me was psychological benefit with no real results being delivered at all. There are so many powerful, natural ingredients that can be used on the skin and I’m passionate about sourcing skincare products that contain these.

Creating Natural Health Star has allowed me to use knowledge from both my Biochemistry degree and IT background. I am passionate about exploring the wonderful properties of natural ingredients and how they can benefit our health.