Having children is certainly a life changing experience. In the case of us – Nisha and Preet, two childhood friends with five children between us, it sparked off a whole new insight in to the way we wanted to promote health and well-being for our families.

Nisha’s story

Having worked as a pharmacist for 14 years in community, hospital and industrial pharmacy, I was finding increasing numbers of people looking for a more natural approach to health care. Trying to focus on prevention rather than treatment, I couldn’t find a quality comprehensive guide to the many great natural holistic treatments/remedies out there for specific self limiting conditions like IBS, insomnia, headaches, stress and backache. The more I started researching, the more I realised how many amazing natural remedies/treatments are out there. Hence my natural health journey began.

Preet’s story

My particular interest lies in the healing properties of food. I firmly believe that our diet plays a key role in our wellbeing and that the normalisation of processed and sugary foods is fuelling illness in society today. My passion for natural health began whilst doing my Biochemistry degree, where I studied the properties of many types of bacteria and algae e.g. seaweed, chlorella and spirulina. These nutrient dense super foods are believed to provide a multitude of natural remedies to the body when introduced in to our diet. New Super foods are being identified all the time and I am actively researching this area.

Our vision

Together with our combined knowledge, we are fulfilling our dream by creating Natural Health Star. We are passionate about natural health, especially when it comes to diet, tried and tested home-made remedies and effective holistic treatments. We want to bring you information on the best holistic therapists, most ethical natural products as well as delicious nutritious recipes – perfect for both preventing and treating specific health conditions.

We would love you to join us on this journey and build with us our Natural Health Star community.

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